Welcome to Calaveras

We're back. Will keep the info here.

Sister site to log on if we're down: arcadia.silvertree.org:1338

We will move DB to the silvertree site.

We have a discord, its been up, just haven't posted the link: https://discord.gg/YFZxFGt

We are an on-line role-play environment.1. Our stories focus around the lives of normal folks living in the city of Calaveras. A fictional city in southwest Colorado, serving as the hub in the region.

Calaveras is a town of about 15,000 folks. There is a small increase to this throughout the year do to tourism and the local collage. There is rarely more than 20,000 in the city even with these occasional boosts. It is small town Colorado.

Stories will focus on day to day drama of the lives of these individuals. With a primary focus on the shaping of the town, from its traditional roots still preserved in ranching families to those families seeking its change to an urban/global perspective as well as outside influences trying to capitalize on tourism alone.

Join us at:

Old site: http://calaveras.wikidot.com

Work in Progress

Note, this is at present (June 2020) a work in progress. Folks are welcome to come and work on chars, but this wiki is only just starting. We will approve and let folks play as we move forward on this Calaveras reboot.

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