More to come, old page is: Here, Note Birch Blvd is removed, there isn't a 'wealthy' part of town, rich folks mostly live in ranches/acreages outside of town, alas.

The Great Divide

Not so great a divide, but something to be aware of when playing (or to help with RP actually).

Among the influential families and their moves for political support of their causes, there is a big of divide between city development and rural living.

Braxtons and Hawthornes want the town developed even more. They have more political pull and this directly increases their resources and influence. They are not wholly in agreement, Braxtons have pushed higher end things such as the damn and man made lake side living with a country club. They own a lot of real estate in town, more people in town is more money for them. Hawthornes have pulled in lots of tourism dollars, they support a grab the tourist vibe to their properties and developments (Antler Pass Ski Resort, in town thrill area Legends of Old, Blackwall Vineyards). They do not see eye to eye even if they both want to develop the town.

Morgan and Walkers support the rural life that the town was really built on, ranching and farming. Morgan's are more capital with a capital enterprise and a board, they just maintain 51 % share of Morgan's Creek and live on the main property of the brand name, but still support ranching. Walkers are the well to do family ranchers, with lots of cattle and land. On the books it seems they aren't super wealthy, but they'd have millions easily if assets were sold. Both can afford the country club and have some representation in city and county politics just the same even if seeming more 'down to earth' you common standards. They do not see eye to eye even if they want to preserve their ways of life.

Blackwoods and Dixon-Jones are between it all. Blackwoods have long been a part of the mining interests of the area and want to preserve that heritage despite using all modern techniques. They also have a large amount of commercial interest due to their commercial enterprises and stand to gain from city developments with the Braxtons and Hawthornes. Dixon-Jones are focused on construction and coal and natural gases, they've always felt outsider to the town, but the town is its main source of revenue. Doesn't matter who's needing their resources, so long as there is need that leads to them developing as a famiiy (growing in wealth). They don't see eye to eye in providing for the area and gaining off the livings of others through their support services.

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