Quick guide.


1-3 is capable. Everyday skills are assumed (driving regularly doesn't need points in vehicles)

4-6: Professional, you can make a living wage off this skill (6 is high end professional)

7-9: is Olympian/expert

10-12: is world level expert/coach/one of a kind


4 skills in the 4-6 range. Nothing needs to be higher than this. Resources can be higher, up to 9, if you are head of a family. Above this is reserved for local leading families (Braxton, Blackwood, Dixon-Jones, Hawthorne, Morgan, Walker).

An action skill should be synergetic with a BG skill. Medicine doesn't make one a neurosurgeon and a pathologist and a radiologist, etc. Take Medicine, then take BG skill 'neurosurgeon'. You can use medicine to conduct brain surgeries. Take the BG at 2 do use the action skill in the specialty. You may take the specialty at a higher level to indicate level of knowledge. Neurosurgeon at 4, you can solve brain mysteries and help other neurosurgeons, maybe you teach other neurosurgeons.

Just a Guide

The sheet is just a guide to help RP. We're more focused on storytelling. Only roll when in doubt.


Enough for us to understand you understand our theme and have considered how you have achieved any professional level skills (4+).

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