Head of Household: Andrew Braxton
Industry: Mining, Railroad, Real Estate
Members: Annaliesa, Alyster
NPCs: Arthur and Anna Braxton
Andrew and Ainsley Braxton
Austin Braxton (Heir Apparent)
Summary: The Braxtons' trace their roots to the founding of the city itself. Descendent of Governor Alexander Braxton, who moved to the area when he retired in the 1880s. They have had their hands in mining and the railroads, with an emphasis on real estate. The majority of commercial real estate is under the Braxton umbrella. Either directly with the family or through one of the public commercial groups in town, the family being on the boards of several of the largest such groups. About 10 years ago, they spearheaded the construction of a dam up stream on the Saminaw river and have capitalized heavily on the lake formed at the dam with commercial developments. The wealthiest families live in the sparse but lavish homes here, or have a lake house for weekend getaways from the city itself. The only country club in the city is located near this lake, complete with 36 holes for golf. Braxtons have had the lions share of mayors in the city of Calaveras.

Arthur and Anna Braxton
The eldest of the Braxton clan still living, they have passed on the torch to the younger generation, namely their eldest son Andrew.

Arthur and Anna Braxton
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Patriarch and Matriarch of Braxton Family.

Andrew and Ainsley Braxton
The reigning heir. While all of the Braxton family are privy to portions of the wealth, (those that comply and equally support the family) this is the main line of the family.

Andrew and Ainsley Braxton
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Reigning Heir

Austin Jacob Braxton
Austin is the eldest Braxton offspring from Andrew and Ainsley Braxton. He is not a nice person. He steamrolls over anything and everything to get what he wants which nicely coincides to the betterment of the Braxton family. Real Estate is his game and he gobbles up what he can get both in the town and rural. Morgan's Creek is his nemesis and they are in a tight running to gain more land and mineral rights to that land. He is shrewd and a touch sarcastic and very, very ruthless. Even towards his family, should they not meet up to his lofty expectations.

Austin Jacob Braxton
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Heir Apparent


Annaliesa Braxton. Daughter, age 29. Socialite, in the good graces of the family. Charity work and social functions are her forte.

Alyster Braxton. Son, age 27. Attorney (feel free to edit and add Alyster!)


Country Club Owner/Manager - Braxton (Appable)
Siblings of Arthur Braxton.
Sons/Daughters of Andrew and Ainsley Braxton. (Siblings of (NPC) Austin Braxton and PC's: Annaliesa and Alyster Braxton.)
Branches of Braxtons off the main line.

There are other family members that will eventually be added, all of Andrew and Ainsley's children have names beginning with A. For siblings of active pc's and those of Arthur or Andrew, please feel free to speak with staff about creating characters in the family.

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