Head of Household: Sawyer Morgan
Industry: Cattle Kings/Empire
Members: Sawyer, Creed (Brother)

**Virginia Hayes, Chief Operations Manager
Beckett Jackson, Cattle Specialist

These are adoptable NPCs, talk to Morgan**


**One of the early capitalist outfits, the Morgan's bought up ranches that couldn't make it in the earlier days. Where they average good sized ranch is 400-500 acres, they are in the thousands locally, plus have other outfits in other regions of southern Colorado. They trade world wide and deal with herds from the region to as far out as Wisconsin.

Current main branch is under Sawyer Morgan, 43 year old cattle tycoon. His parents are still alive. His other siblings have struck out on their own, included Creed Morgan, former bull rider associated with PBR.

Their outfit is large enough they have their own lawyers. They pose one of the bigger threats to local independent ranchers and land owners, gobbling up what they can. If not for the likes of the other families in the area, they would be all but monopolists. With others holding primary industries in the region, the others have managed to keep the Morgan's from doing just that.**


Arguably the most successful ranching family, Morgan Creek has become a large scale capital endeavor. Where a typical ranch with lots of cattle can range form several hundred acres up to 400-500, Morgan Creek outfit is easily into thousands, competing with other big brands in the state.

While the family retains 51 percent share of the Morgan Creek outfit and has always sat on the board as the Chair of Morgan Creek, they have diversified and grown to allow a number other stakeholders in their operations. They seem to support the family and are probably chosen for loyalty as much as knowledge in the cattle industry.

Morgan's Creek does have ranches in other parts of the region and are known for trading and acquiring cattle from other sources and beyond state lines even. Their current focus includes acquiring local ranches on the brink of destruction, trying to gain these land holdings before outsiders do the same. They are upset with new endeavors in the Granja Basin, such as the horse complex, the vineyards and the wildlife refuge that has taken good grazing lands away from ranching and the rearing o cattle.

Important NPCS

Sawyer Morgan

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CEO/Chair Morgan's Creek

Currently Chair/CEO of Morgan's Creek. His father and mother are still alive and enjoying retirement (or guiding from behind the scenes). Sawyer is the oldest of his siblings. In or nearing his mid-40s, he has a few years ahead of him driving the cattle industry centered around his families brand. He is hands on as much as he will visit various parts of their growing empire throughout the state, mostly by helicopter or private small plane. Just the same, he's a regular old Calaveras boy, he can be seen getting steaks weekly in town, even if distant from those around him, he does have a membership at the country club up at the lake and is known to golf. Many deals have been made by bringing in other ranchers or outfit execs to the course where meetings have been held.

Virgnia Hayes

Ms Hayes
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Operations Manager, Morgan's Creek (played by Dominique Swain)

Chief Operations Manager. Bought out a few generations ago, the family has continued to work in the area, notably for Morgan's Creek Brand. She is currently the Chief Operations Manager, she sets the standards and any outfit under the brand is required to run under her Standard Operating Procedures. She manages land and cattle at the main ranch in Calaveras/Granja Basin. A tough customer, when she shows up, they know she means business; the workers have a lot of respect for her, it has been earned through years of service. She's not the Operations Manager only because she is tough, she gets results and knows what she's talking about in the cattle industry.

Beckett Jackson

Beckett Jackson
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Cattle Specialist (played by Robert Duvall)

Cattle Specialist. Beckett is the lead purchasing agent for cattle for all operations for Morgan's Creek. When cattle are needed to join brand herds, Beckett is the man that flies out to other large ranches to see that the bulls and cows meet Morgan's Creek standards. He sees that they are moved properly through observation fields, clear of disease and such before joining main herds and oversees cattle production (breeding) for the facilities. He works closely with Virginia Hayes in making sure all operations meet Morgan's Creek standards.

Other than Sawyer, if you have interest in an NPC as a bit, work with Morgan and take charge of one.

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