The driving forces behind Calaveras reside in a few influential families. Some have been here since its founding, others have arrived recently to the region. These are the most influential and represent spheres of influence in the city/region.

Note: These are spheres of play, as noted in orgs, to be in a sphere you do not need to be an actual family member.


The Braxtons' trace their roots to the founding of the city itself. Descendent of Governor Alexander Braxton, who moved to the area when he retired in the 1880s. They have had their hands in mining and the railroads, with an emphasis on real estate. The majority of commercial real estate is under the Braxton umbrella. Either directly with the family or through one of the public commercial groups in town, the family being on the boards of several of the largest such groups. About 10 years ago, they spearheaded the construction of a dam up stream on the Saminaw river and have capitalized heavily on the lake formed at the dam with commercial developments. The wealthiest families live in the sparse but lavish homes here, or have a lake house for weekend getaways from the city itself. The only country club in the city is located near this lake, complete with 36 holes for golf. Braxtons have had the lions share of mayors in the city of Calaveras.
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You might be affiliated with Braxton org:

If you are a family that lives at Northshore, the lake community created by the dam, and/or a member of the private country club located at Northshore.

If you are into real estate, land investments and development of community business and business endeavors.

If you are part of the government administration, not necessarily a voted for official (who could be from any organization).

If you belong to a law firm, financial group, tax outfit, other unit that makes money by helping other folks in Calaveras through financial liberty and gains.

You could be a combination of any of these, but the bottom line is you are focused on acquisition of finances and helping your net worth grow.


While not the first, Blackwoods were one of the early mining families. Making good on being able to bring in supplies and run several mining camps for other operations. A small hand in some local railroads as well. They own the current largest operating mining outfit, Backwoods Mining Corp. Some of their land has been turned into attractions such as the living history location known as Cooperstown. They are big on preservation and town history and support many charities that are turned towards this endeavor. They have turned their mining engineering expertise to heavy machinery. Initially with a focus on mining equipment, they have specialized since in equipment for farming and ranching.
The Blackwood name is known through regional states and Blackwood Industries is known to sell large exports to other farming communities on a global level.
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If you are involved in local mining, mining operations, or own your own mining outfit.

If you runn something affiliated with antiquarian; libraries, museums of history, city/county historical society.

If you work at or are affiliated with Cooperstown (living history western town and mining outfit). An actor with the living history aspects of Cooperstown.

If you work with Blackwood Industries, making heavy farming/machinery in local factory. Maybe you service heavy machinery for the farms, second hand support of local industry through mechanical or engineering work.


Dixon-Jones holds the leading edge in large scale construction. Arriving early in the 20th century, Dixon set up the first coal plant in the city and held the market on power. Jones was initially a construction outfit, the two families merged into Dixon-Jones in the late 60s, acquiring mining rights for most of the areas natural gas. They have long been members of Calaveras Power Board. Long standing monopolists of power distributions in the city, they failed to see the oncoming hydropower plant near the Braxton Dam and are in contention with the Braxtons over this recent maneuver.
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Any family/group that does local construction on a large scale or even as private contractors.

City related infrastructure: Power, Roads, maintenance, etc. Keeping things running around the city.

Power Board/Power Plants: you work in industry that keeps things going.


The newest of the wealthiest families, the Hawthornes branched off from their roots to come to the region for tourism. They fell in love with the charm of the area and are known for taken over the land of Antler Pass and making it into a ski resort. They've tried to invest in other tourist attractions including Legends of Old; initially this was just a mini golf course and batting cages without a theme, they used their money to are it the attraction it is today. They have pushed into the boundary of the Granja Basin, buying old ranches and converting them into aggro-attractions. This includes Blackwall Hill vineyard as well as partnership in the Southbend Complex, a high end equestrian facility that occasional allows horse rentals for riding along its elaborate trails.
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Tourism industry, work at Antler Pass, or some other attraction run by the Hawthornes.

Operate something kitschy and attractive that could lure in tourism and tourism dollars?

University that supports drawing in outsiders into town.

Eco/Tourist driven agriculture? It might infringe upon traditional farming or ranching, but it brings in economic interest that helps grow the town.


Arguably the most successful ranching family, Morgan Creek as become a large scale capital endeavor. While the family retains 51 percent share of the Morgan Creek outfit and has always sat on the board as the Chair of Morgan Creek, they have diversified and grown to allow number other stakeholders in their operations. They have ranches in other parts of the region and are known for trading and acquiring cattle from other sources. Their current focus includes acquiring local ranches on the brink of destruction, trying to gain these land holdings before outsiders do the same. They are upset with new endeavors in the Granja Basin, such as the horse complex, the vineyards and the wildlife refuge that has taken good grazing lands away from ranching and the rearing o cattle.
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Any secondary interest that benefits from a large cattle outfit: local dairy producer, feed/hay field farm, large scale veterinary operation.

Local grocery/butcher/meat packing that is primary supplied by Morgan's Creek.

Local steak restuarant with partnership with Morgan's Creek.

Family formerly indie that has been taken over and managed to stay in business by working for Morgan's Creek.


The best of the single family ranching operations, Walker Ranch has been held free and independent off any other influences in the hands of the Walkers. While they may insist they are poor ranchers, it is known the have assets enough to never have need of want. Where most ranches suffer from debt to continue operations, the Walkers have enough capital assets that capital is not so much a concern. They are also known as fiercely independent, willing to protect their lands with the small arsenal they have collected over the years. They are known for acquiring ranches to rent out, generally to family and siblings of the main branch, to continue ranching operations. Outside of the Morgan Creek brand, the Walker brand is known throughout the US as well. At auction their cattle tends to fetch top dollar.
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Any family that is indie farmer/rancher trying to survival and fight off corporate take over.

Independent folks that want less governmental influence from city/county/state/fed/etc.

Secondary interest that work in support local agro-economy in favor of free capital markets and indie growth.

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