(2020-09-10) Making Plans
Will visits Madeline at Babette's Bakery, and the two make plans for the long weekend.

Babettes - Kitchen, Calaveras
Thu Sep 10, 2020

Unless one is taking a proper tour of the shop, most patrons don't find their way back here on account of it being where all of the magic happens! While the storefront of this bakery-cafe is cozy and deliberately 'homey' looking, the actual kitchen is a vision of cleanliness and modern appliances. A massive bakers' bench is the centerpiece of the bakeshop, upon which all manner of products are being kneaded, rolled, docked. It is kept meticulously clean and oiled when not in use.

There is a full complement of new machines situated around the room: a massive gray Hobart mixer, a stout high-speed dough mixer, a dough sheeter and countless cabinets and rolling bins full of ingredients. At the far end of the shop are two styles of ovens: an upright convection rack oven and a conventional rotating oven. A walk-in freezer and cooler duo is set up at the opposite end of the area closer to the three-compartment industrial sink.

Finally, closer to the main partition between kitchen and dining area, there is a long stainless steel table where cake decorating happens. This is more visible to the general public… because who doesn't like seeing cakes being iced and decorated!?


From afar, Will IC Text: So how went the great swimsuit hunt, Did you return victorious?

Long distance to Will: Madeline IC TEXT: Good morning! I believe it went sufficiently! I had to search at a few places.. one just doesn't 'pick anything' when buying a swimsuit. :)

From afar, Will ic text: That's good, And no I suppose they don't. Now you got me all sorts of curious what you picked out. So how're things going down at the shop this morning?

Long distance to Will: Madeline IC TEXT: I haven't bought a swimsuit in years, I had to make sure it was just right. Things are just fine down here… slow, I'm in the kitchen making scones. Taking a tea break.

From afar, Will IC TEXT: Well figure it was either tell you to bring a suit or bring a towel and what god gifted you with. Both are still options of course for our little date at the lake. Care for some company with your tea break?

Long distance to Will: Madeline IC TEXT: What would your fellow residents at the commune think to see a strange, naked woman in their lake? ;) …. it's slow, come on down if you're in the area, I would love to see you. You can come right through the shop into the kitchen, nobody will mind.

From afar, Will IC Text: Imagine they would think the same thing as I would, And that would be now if that isn't a damn fine sight and one we could use about a bit more. And I'm just down the street, Be there in a few.

It's a mellow, peaceful morning at Babette's today, with the odd trickle of regulars coming for their coffee and buttertarts before their work morning. If one is catching a bus or walking to work, Babette is there to add a splash of 'something special' to a coffee if one asks politely (and isn't underage!) … hey, she's in her 80s… try telling her otherwise. Aside from the sweet old girl, it's Claire Guidry manning the counter today…. the attractive blonde middle-aged woman is cleaning counters and talking to her younger daughter Piper as they observe their morning patrons. Looks like it's Girl Power at the bakery today!

Beyond the swinging door leading into the proper bakeshop, it's Madeline making the backstock today. A paper clearly dated for Thursday the 10th contains a graph with products listed and numbers. Standing at a prep table with her phone face-down beside one hand and the other holding a steaming mug of 'something' is Madeline Guidry, fresh-faced and radiant in her whites. She reads her father's notes on the day's production while she waits for the arrival of her guest.

That low rumble of his truck can be heard pulling up outside, And moments later Will is slipping out of the truck and rounding to the back of it. The back gate lowered and the man reaching inside to draw out two milkcrates filled with apples. One crate of the honey-crisp while the other is the red delicious. The man stacking the crates one on top of the other before he is lifting both and heading into the bakery. A warm smile is given Babbette's way as Will greets her, "Well now if that isn't the most radiant southern belle. Morning Miss Babbette." The man dipping his head to the woman before offering another nod of greeting and warm smile to Piper and Claire.

Will doesn't slow though or stop instead making his way to that swinging door leading into the kitchen turning briefly to use his back to ease it open before turning once more into the kitchen looking to the woman within, "I mention I was bringing you some apples?"

Babette, Piper and Claire all look up to greet whomever it is walking into the establishment… but it's no ordinary patron! Babette and Piper recognize him straightaway, while Claire is wondering if they ordered apples recently. The blonde woman smiles politely and is about to ask of this after her own warm greeting, but then Piper nudges her mother in the ribs. Babette meanwhile shoots the tall fellow a radiant smile, "Good morning sugar." Not even a question about those apples.. the old girl knows who Will is here for. Claire's eyes — the very same astounding cornflower blues as Maddie's — follow Will as he enters the kitchen and Piper leans in to whisper to her mother.

Madeline looks up from the paper and gives a wide smile to Will as he arrives, "Goodness, you were quick." Said kindly before she folds the paper, stuffs it into her back pocket. She's clad in a fitted yet somewhat androgynous set of whites: chef pants, a chef coat that hugs her waist smartly, hair pulled back into a clean chignon beneath a brown net. Somehow she still looks radiant. "Good morning Will—ooh! Apples and then some!" Said as she pads over, "Is this an appeal for apple pie?" Asked as she offers to help set the crates down.

Noticing the little nudge between daughter and mother brings Will's smile to grow a small bit, A quick little playful wink given to Piper as she leans into whisper to her mother as he eases his back into the kitchen door before turning and moving into the space and out of the main room.

Seeing Madeline there brings that smile of his to grow, the words from the woman as she makes her way over to check out the little haul of apples he brought her has Will chuckling low as he tells her, "Either that or another one of those kisses of yours. Maybe even an appeal for both, Maddie." The man giving her a warm smile as those words slip from his lips with a natural ease, the man likely able to put one or two of those baton rouge boys to shame with how easy that response came to him and slipped from his lips. "And told ya I was just down the street, Had to drop off some new stock down at Hazed."

Oh, Maddie can only imagine the response out in the cafĂ© portion… she knows each and every nuance in her family members: Babette will greet warmly and go on spiking patrons' coffee with sweet cordial if people request; Piper is still fighting with that one cake order someone placed the other day and Claire will be confounded. She'll grill Piper for information. As Maddie suspects, that is entirely what's going on out there.. the merry cackle of one of the patrons echoes into the kitchen as the door swings closed behind Will.

Madeline is not shy, now, in her 'extended' greeting to Will as he sets everything down and goes forth in his smooth way. Those boys back in Baton Rouge — there was perhaps only one that she dated formally — hold no contest. But yes… she greets him by way of ambling over and once his arms are free, Maddie eases in to place one hand to his chest and lean up, indeed offering up one of those sought-after kisses.

There is a WHUMP at the door as Piper accidentally bumps into it, her strawberry-blonde head disappearing rapidly from the window. Madeline will giggle gently at her sister's nosiness.

Once done setting things down as Maddie moves in closer bringing one hand to settle against his chest Will's right hand now free moves to settle against her waist as his left lifts to lightly brush her cheek as she leans up. The taller man leaning down bringing his lips to lightly sweep across her own in a tender sort of kiss by way of greeting. His lips curling into a larger smile hearing that giggle as the kiss is broken by that bump against the door.

Will's head leans back just slightly as he looks down into her eyes, "Mhm, best payment for apples to date you know Maddie." A wink given with those words before his head lifts fully. The man's hand against her cheek drawing away though that hand against her side remains, "And well figured you could use the apples either for pies or tarts, whichever you figure they will work best for and you are feeling like using them for. Just make sure to save me a taste."

And just like that, the kiss is accepted and returned.. it causes a happy little coil of emotion and sensation to rise up from what feels like the soles of her feet, all the way to the top of her head. Madeline sighs contentedly… is this it, then? Is she courting this man? Yes, courting; of course a Southern woman would still use this terminology. It sure feels like it… Madeline doesn't kiss just anyone!

.. quite frankly, she hasn't known anyone who is quite so enjoyable to kiss, either!

Madeline keeps it somewhat chaste because there are lookie-loos… but she gives enough to make up for time lost. Her arms, which found their way around Will's waist, relax and go on holding him for a bit, loosely. She eases back to meet his gaze with a smile, "Thank you for thinking of me.. I know where these apples were sourced. They will make the very best pies and tarts. We'll have to call the product the Grimdalen Special." How can eyes be that blue? Must be due to her mood.

"How are you doing today, Will? What's new?" Asked with genuine interest.

There is a warmth that shows along his features and a certain look of contentment, that smile of his having grown from that shared kiss with the woman. Then there is that mention of what she would call what she makes with those apples. The words from her and that name offered bringing him to grin all the more as he tells her, "See now I like the sounds of that, The Grimdalen Special.. Has a certain ring to it don't you think?"

A brief pause given before that question asked by her has him grinning as he looks to her, His hand drawing lightly along her side moving to settle against her waist as he gives his answer. "Day is going good as can be now that I got myself a kiss. How about yours? Besides things being a touch slow out front." The man asking with his own keen interest and genuine desire to know.

She's very very much aware of where that hand of his rests. It's a nice weight. Madeline is inwardly glad that Cheddar rolling in shit didn't chase this one away! For now her gaze roves Will's face, enjoying the sight of him. She kissed this handsome creature! Squee!

"The Grimdalen Special it shall be." Madeline whispers, her smile growing. She is just about to answer his question, held close as she is, when the door swings open to admit someone into the kitchen. It's Babette; she gives the duo a casual look, as if seeing a pair of young adults glomming onto one another in the kitchen is the most typical thing in the world. "Don't mind me dearhearts, I seem to have run out of blackberry cordial." Says the fine-boned old gal as she moves to a locked cabinet, opens it up and takes out another tall, narrow dark bottle… looks like a wine bottle.

"Nana, you're too generous with the liquor. Don't get your customers drunk." Maddie remarks, having not moved away from Will… she must be immensely comfortable with her Grandmother.

Babette sighs airily, "I remember those days~" She exhales, and taking the new bottle of booze she exits into the cafe. Maddie watches her go, looks up at Will, "That answer your question?" RE: how her day is going.

Will's own gaze draws slowly over her facial features as if trying to memorize that look and that smile worn upon her lips. When she gives that whisper about the special his head dips and raises in agreement as he murmurs softly. "A perfect name for your new sweet treats you make with what we bring you." The man casually mentioning that there would be more such deliveries and little gifts to the bakery for her.

When the door swings open and he hears those words from Babbette while some might draw back Will does no such thing, his hand drawing slowly across her waist before resettling as he looks to the older woman offering up a mischievous smile hearing her mention of not minding her and then the cordial. When Maddie offers that remark to her grandmother he can't help but chuckle low as he tells Babbette. "Save me a nip or two for my to go cup if you could.." A pause given before those sighed out words from the woman have will calling after her, "Figure those days aren't behind you yet Miss Babbette.." The man clearly not above a bit of playful banter with the older woman. Soon though that focus returns to Maddie and he grins giving a slower nod, "Yeah I figure that does answer it. So what time they got you tied down round these parts for today?"

Clearly her hearing isn't going. Babette peeks in through the door again, her surprisingly adept (no arthritic claws here!) fingers negotiating a corkscrew to pry the cork out of the cordial bottle. POP! All in one fluid motion… her button-dark eyes glimmer with mischief as she eyes the pair, "Before my Louie, the sweet Lord rest his soul, there was a boy or two. Could grate cheese off those bellies, yes indeed—"

"Nana!" Madeline exclaims, eyes filling her face. Babette chirps laughter and departs, leaving the two alone again. Madeline giggles uneasily, "I don't know what's crazier, opening a bottle of 25% liquor in the morning or remembering her….. 'types'." Said gustily, but she's… amused. She cannot fault Babette anything. She looks up at Will again, "I will have to show you a picture of her from that era. She was dangerous." Maddie smiles, implying that there could be an invite to her abode in the near future. She blushes with the thought of it!

Reaching up, Maddie tucks some loose hair of Will's begins an ear, "I am here until about three. A few more hours. If I don't get the scones mixed and cut, Pa will have my head." Said playfully.

There is a chuckle that slips from Will's soft full lips hearing the remark from Babbette even as Maddie gives that exclamation. The man joining the older woman in laughing over the comments, his head giving a little shake as that laughter ebbs away. When there is mention from Maddie showing him a picture of Babbette from that time and age there is a hint of mischief that dances in the man from the commune's gaze. "Yeah? Might have to see if we can't recreate it with you.. Sure could manage it easy enough depending on the surroundings." The man telling her with a casual ease and playful tone.

When Maddie reaches up for that stray hair there is tucking it back behind his ear, His head turning to lean into that touch as his eyes linger upon her own. The answer on the time she gets done and then the scones bring Will to smirk, "Well hate to have me just visiting being the reason he gets cross with me or you. And well hate for you to be stuck here later trying to get everything done." A brief pause is given before he asks, "So when did you want to enjoy our next little date? Never did ask, but figure now is good a time as any.."

Aw hell, she can't resist. Will's comments re: 'recreating' Babette's legacy of smooching handsome men earns another fierce blush to Madeline's face. "It's alright.. really… he's not in until eleven." Madeline whispers… Bentley Guidry is a nice man, but near-militant in his 'day planning'. One look from those big blue eyes and she'll render her father putty, if it comes down to it. The hobart is still set up over there with the dry ingredients ready to mix, but Madeline has her attention firmly fixed elsewhere.

Feeling Will's cheek pressing into her palm following that little hair-tuck, Maddie leans up to once again kiss those lips of his. One, two, three little staccato kisses; seems once she started at the commune, she just can't bring herself to stop. "A few to get you through the afternoon." She whispers, "We are slated for fine weather tomorrow, and it will be Friday…. I can take the Saturday off.." Oh? Oh. Maddie blushes at her forthright answer, "… I can be free this evening too, but I need to be up at three tomorrow morning." Which means a night cut short! Her soft gaze traces Will's face, wordlessly seeking his opinion.

The answer on her father and his arrival has Will giving a quick nod, "Well good to know, And sure that you can get the scones in before he gets here.." The man offering that support verbally and showing that faith already in her ability to bake given what he had tasted so far of her skill in the kitchen.

If anything could get that smile to blossom and grow further it was certainly that staccato of kisses delivered so quickly yet gently to his soft full lips. The man's head leaning down pressing his lips into her own returning that trinity of kisses. When she mentions that it is to get him through the afternoon Will's smile turns mischievous, that wicked little grin of his curling his lips as he tells her, "Guess I will just have to swing through town after 3 to see about those kisses that will get me through the evening then." A brief pause given before he is leaning down.

The man's lips moving to just barely tease against her ear as he whispers out to her in that lower tone of his, "Then I say, you take off saturday and tomorrow once your done.. I come pick you up for an overnight visit. Might even see what you got a picture of yesterday morning in the flesh.." The man knowing full well the tease given with the words as his head finally draws back bringing his eyes to look down into her own.

"Raspberry scones.." Madeline says randomly, a bit huskily. That's what she was doing, right? She was adulting back here, obviously, until her phone chirped and she came to know of Will's plans. Now she's left with a body that is all abuzz, her lips tingling and a pleasantly addled brain. Has she overlooked the wonder of kissing a handsome-as-sin man for this long? Clearly she has. Maddie gazes straight up into his eyes as he makes plans to come by after 3. Her mouth pulls into a coy little smile, "Come get your fill." Is all she manages, her hands clasping behind the small of his back to hug him close. She smells of flour and something mildly floral.

Madeline ceases all coherent speech when her ear is grazed, causing her heart to just about burst out of her chest. Boom, right through the buttons of the chef coat. Is it hot in here? Yeah it is, and not just because of the ovens. Will's whisper is enough to cause gooseflesh along her forearms, "It's a done deal. More than done—" Maddie sputters out, surprising herself. "I'll be out on that sidewalk after work tomorrow with bells on."

The man's left hand lowers moving to settle against the small of her back bringing his arm to half wrap around her as he gives that little whisper. When his head leans back and he hears those words from her so quickly sputtered out his wicked grin seems to grow just a hint. Those corners curling upwards ever so slightly as he tells her in that lower whisper of his, "Unless.. of course you want to make it a longer visit, Mean.. No reason you couldn't come out tonight and stay a few days, get the real feel for the place and the true experience of commune living.. Can always bring you back into town tomorrow morning when you got to be here." The man floating that other potential to her.

With that other idea floated his eyes watch her a bit more closely, looking over her features and her expression as his hand draws across her side as it raises only to lift away from her side as his hand moves up to lightly cup her cheek. His thumb brushing down across her chin just beneath her lower lip.

This man is a spell-weaver! Has to be. Madeline is utterly hooked… she's listening and watching raptly and at Will's proposal, he will begin to feel her heart tripping in her chest. How has he not been 'taken' already? How is there not some lady with a hold on him already? Glory HALLELUJAH to Cheddar for wanting to go for a walk That Day. It is Maddie's turn to nestle her cheek into the cup of Will's palm, eyes wide and blue and locked onto his features as he talks to her. Speaks of plans. Plans.

Should she? Could she? Will she?

Suddenly there's a disembodied whisper from the door.. was that just a flash of strawberry-blonde hair by the window? Madeline peers just past Will's shoulder toward Piper, who is peering in.

"Do iiiitt~" Piper whispers, "I have Freddie coming by tonight… do iiiiit~"

Madeline is so wrapped up in Will being there that she doesn't even throw something at her sister. All she can do is nod dumbly, "Let me go home later to pack a bag."

While Maddie may not hear the whisper from Piper fully like some ghost of chances missed laying that idea more fully in the woman's head there is a brief glimmer of amusement in his gaze. The man not bothering to look back to Piper, the only acknowledgement that he heard Maddie's sister coming in the form of a subtle little nod.

When Maddie mentions finally that she will pack a bag later there is another nod as he tells her, "That sounds like a damn fine idea and plan Maddie, Guess that means I am picking you up at your place then.. say around 4 or 4:30? Gives you time to shower and get a few things packed.. Unless ya rather clean up in that bath I got back in the greenhouse." The man offering that further temptation to the southern beauty.

The brunette shakes her head gently, "I'll get everything into-hand from home…. heaven knows, I will have cause to use that greenhouse to get cleaned up on quite a few occasions, by the time the weekend is out." Hey, she can do innuendo too! Madeline smiles a bit slyly, a bit shyly; it's the perfect blend. IT also helps to not be in the house when Piper brings home her booty call.. one of a couple of boys whom the younger Guidry girl hasn't decided upon yet.

"Are you certain it's alright? I could bring my own car… so I can drive myself in the wee hours, tomorrow, to work." She would hate to have Will have to be on the road with her so early. But if he offered… she will not argue again. "I will be ready by 4:30.. I'll text you my address." Blush! She's really going!

When she offers that innuendo of her own there is a lifting of his brow as that grin of his grows, "Well I will make sure we got plenty of soaps then ready to get cleaned up no matter what the visit throws at us or gifts us.." The man teasing back playfully. His hand against her cheek drawing down to briefly trace along her neck. Within seconds that hand sweeps back to draw along her back moving to join his other against the small of her back holding her in a bit closer.

When she mentions bringing her own car there is a soft chuckle as his head gives a small shake, "I have early mornings too Maddie, So bringing you into town and picking you up when your done tomorrow isn't any trouble. Especially given it's for you." There is a wink given with those words that leave him. The mention of being ready by 4:30 has Will giving a subtle nod as he leans down whispering out, "4:30 it is then.." The man's lips descending to steal a quick kiss from her lips silencing those words from him. That kiss still tender seems to hold a taste of that passion of the man's and that growing desire over the young southern baker. The kiss not lingering for long though as it soon is broken as he grins looking into her eyes with their faces mere inches apart, "I'll leave you to it so we can keep with our 4:30 pick up."

Then.. she's sold. Madeline's smile widens and dawns again, quite brilliantly. "Can't quite think of a better way to greet that time of day." Though if you ask Madeline, she likes the dawn… even pre-dawn. Early wakeups are no issue for her unless she has reason to be tired. *cough*

"Thank you." Madeline whispers, tilting her head up to receive that kiss… almost greedily. Greed is not a part of her makeup but she could get used to this. So when it's broken and Will has to pull away, to let her get back to work.. Madeline feels almost bereft. She will seek out a piece of paper and scrawl her address down on it, handing it to Will.

A promise in those blue eyes, and in her accented voice: "I will see you at 4:30."

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