(2020-09-10) Weekend at Grimdalen
Madeline visits the commune for the weekend and meets another one of the inhabitants.

Grimdalen Commune - Main Area, Granja Basin
Thu Sep 10, 2020

Grimdalen Ranch or as its been known for the last 6 decades Grimdalen Commune is a scenic, diverse and well-watered alpine tract near surrounded by National Forest. The land is a combination of wooded and meadow areas with valleys and hillsides and a very unique red rock wall which is prominently visible near the entrance to the property able to be seen through the orchards that normally welcome visitors.

The land is loaded with water resources including numerous springs, creeks and multiple ponds and is game rich. This 480 acre property offering a multitude of recreational activities to the residents and guests in privacy and seclusion with spectacular mountain and valley views in many locations and many trails left to be explored and used to get around the property.

Improvements to the property come in the form of two larger green houses separated by an outdoor garden, 180 acres of fields for crops, The main Lodge house, the restored old barn, An equipment barn, and a few smaller structures for the eclectic selection of livestock that call the farm home, A workshop and of all things.. A sugar house though it is little more than an 10x10 shed with storage tanks set up behind it.


True to his word and their plans Will arrived outside the Guidry home at 4:30, the man rather than waiting in the truck even going to the door and taking Maddie's bag and even opening the door for her and Cheddar. The drive back to the commune not near the longest of trips out there, the man taking a few side roads to get back to the countryside and the commune's gravel roads. While last time he parked near the lodge this time the truck was brought to a stop outside the front door of the old barn, The man grinning as he glances towards the woman as the vehicle is turned off. "Welcome to your home for the next few days Maddie."

A quick wink is given as he tells her that only to moments later slip out of the Bronco, the man rounding to the other side to tug open the door for the woman and her pup.

As Maddie promised, she was ready and outside on the main walkway waiting for Will, in front of her house. As expected the house that the Guidry sisters calls home is a beautiful little number, surrounded with a clean and tidy yard with shade trees, flowers.. the whole shebang. But it pales in comparison to the radiance that waits at the end of the drive…. no, no… it's not usual for Madeline to look this amazing. Some days she looks like refried shit and is not fit to be seen by the public.. but.. but! A woman in infatuation and anticipating a relaxing weekend is a beautiful creature to behold, no matter the face she puts forth to the world. This is Madeline.

She thrums with the excitement of something she has since realized, and of what is to come. Then? Will arrived, and she was off.

Balancing a wrapped 'something' in her lap for the drive, with Cheddar near-apoplectic in a fit of joy in the back of the cab, Madeline will have been a supremely pleasant driving companion to get back to the commune. They arrive and she is shown out of the truck… the Southern woman stands there in her ivory white sundress, exhaling into the hot air. One can see the day's stress leaving her, still-damp hair curling slight in the heat. Cheddar meanwhile spills out into the sun, bolting into the wilds surrounding the commune.

Maddie fixes her blue eyes upon Will, "Thank you for letting me bring Cheddar. Thank you for this."

When she offers that thanks as she climbs out of the truck with her wrapped bundle there is a warm smile offered to the woman, "No need to thank me Maddie, I figure we are both bound to enjoy the time you spend out here with us." The man's tone holding that warmth that seemed to come naturally to him and a clear growing fondness for the woman. Will's right hand lifts with those words to settle against her side as he reaches into the Bronco to tug her bag free.

"Just wait until he meets the pup and the two working girls." The man's tone brimming with amusement as he glances off after Cheddar only to seconds later return that gaze and focus to Maddie, "So how many questions ya figure your gonna get asked going into work tomorrow?" The man's hand on her side used to help guide her along as he begins to head back around the bronco headed for the front door of the old barn.

The lab is off in a yellow-white shot, running with canid-abandon across the land. Madeline is good with taking Cheddar to wooded trails to run off energy but this is amazing for a dog. So much to see and smell! If one watches the dog, he's bounding to and fro and in true lab fashion he finds the biggest, awesome'est stick to claim. He carries this, running after Maddie and Will; scuffs the stick against one of the Bronco's tires and stumbles. He's not a graceful animal.

As for Madeline, on the topic of 'growing fondness'.. it's evident in her behaviors. How bright her gaze is, how animated her body. She hasn't packed much: the usual toiletries and some outfit changes…. but why aren't there work clothes?

She didn't bring extra whites? There's a reason.. she'll tell Will later.

"I brought a pecan pie for anyone who is keen on it. Nobody is allergic to nuts here?" Maddie asks softly, always considerate of others. She looks up at Will as they walk and she just about stumbles over her own feet, looking at how he looks with a corona of sunlight atop his head. Oh my.

That hand against her side slowly drifts back, his fingers drawing over that lighter fabric of the sundress working little designs across the fabric to run along that form beneath as his hand moves to finally settle in back along that small of her back much as it had earlier that morning in the Bakery. The man with that bag of hers held in his other hand makes his way along leading her towards the door of the old barn listening closely to those words from her as his eyes look to her watching as those words bringing that question slip from her lips. "Far as I remember, no one is allergic to nuts nope. A vegan or two, yes.. Nut allergies not that I remember at least."

The answer given and that door now before them his hand holding her bag lifts to turn the handle before pushing it open, "You figure Cheddar will mind having a little shepherd/aussie mix trying to cuddle with him tonight?" The man asking curiously and rather playfully before he says in a whisper, "And got fresh sheets and clean blankets on the bed upstairs, hope hemp and fleece are okay."

It is late afternoon, encroaching upon dinnertime on this fine, hot late-summer evening. Within the past ten minutes Will's Bronco has pulled up just in front of the old barn and from the vehicle comes forth: an ecstatic yellow lab doggo, already running around the property (in a friendly-holy-shit-I'm-FREE manner, not mean) and both Will Dahl and Maddie Guidry, arm-in-arm and looking happy. Will has that easy loping grace of his as he shows the Southern baker toward the barn and Madeline, she's carrying a foiled-wrapped pie pan of something. Will carries a duffel, containing Madeline's things, comprising a few days. Looks like the commune has a guest…!

The brunette looks absolutely radiant and happy to be here, "I love hemp… and don't you worry none about Cheddar. He's a suck. He'll be just fine and heaven help me, trying to get him to leave…" Should she admit to her Good News? Naw, wait a bit. They're not hard to spot and their overall aura is that of contentment and happiness.

Some enterprising artisan has crafted a pair of small clay horns with a short forward twist and blunted points in an ombre shade of cream and brown— affixed them to a rawhide thong and these are the things with which Penelope has decked herself, she who generally goes unadorned. She's running about in the grass, in a glory enough all by herself to traipse with her horns in the air and her long woven dress whipped about her legs by the breeze. Of course, her running takes a less carefree attitude when there's a dog involved who may or may not know that Penelope does not need to be herded anywhere or chased after in the least.

Soon Cheddar is joined in that herding of Penelope by not one, but two Aussie shepherds looking to be a few years old. The two pups seeming to run counter to one another as they try and herd the young hippie with the horns adorning her head. And then it happens, That sight of a smaller little fur baby comes crashing through the grass in all 20 pound glory of german shepherd and aussie mix puppy glory. The smallest of the trio of dogs that Will had taken to keeping and the most recent addition moving in to join by rushing for the woman, seems someone still needs a bit of work.

The commotion is enough to draw Will's gaze, a soft chuckle spilling from his lips as his fingers against the small of Maddie's back curl in against the fabric of her sundress stopping her short of the old barn, The man's head dipping briefly over towards Penelope and the pups and cheddar. The man murmuring softly to the woman beside him, "You figure we should offer our help to her or an escape to pecan pie land?"

A sudden, shrill whistle: Madeline is already on it. Cheddar, sighting the two doggos, is about to run with them! A well trained dog despite his proclivity for derpiness, Cheddar pauses and jerks his head in Maddie's direction.

Meanwhile Madeline's cornflower blue eyes are rivetted upon the hippy girl, running free. She tilts her head toward Will, "We should help her out." Said without hesitation, even as her arm rests gently across the small of Will's back. Another shrill whistle, "Chederick!" She calls out… ermahgerd. She used Babette's name for him! Cheddar has no choice but to wait, watch. "Heel!" Maddie sings out, and the yellow lab does just that. He watches Penelope with big, button-bright eyes… tongue lolling in a big doggy grin.

<FS3> Penelope rolls Athletics: Failure. (5 2 1 2 1 6)

Penelope turns to look over her shoulder in mid-flight, lips parted either in the aid of running-breath or in fear as more dogs join in the chase. But she doesn't have to run much further. Or, rather, she can't run much further, a bare foot hitting odd sideways of a hole in the grass and sending her spilling to the ground, her ankle smarting hard from being yanked to an unlikely angle for a moment. A single shrill cry of surprise and then there's a novice herdsman on top of her, trying to make her feel better with big puppy kisses, while the better trained elders of the crew angle in on her position on the ground. She twists her lips tight against once another and squeezes her eyes shut against the licking, but it's a nice distraction, on the whole, from the resurgence of owch in her swelling ankle.

That whistle from Maddie has Will grinning, the words from her on helping and then hearing her use the name Chedrick have him blinking even as he grins broadly. "Chedrick?" A glance given to her only to have that sudden tumble drawing his focus. "Ah shit.." The man setting that duffel down near the door of the old barn as his hand lifts from Maddie's back. The man moving away from the commune's guest as he gives a loud high pitched whistle that shifts in tune, While the younger pup pays it little mind the other two quickly draw back and move to circle along back and forth behind the man as he heads for Penelope finally asking as he nears her, "Shit, you okay Pen?"

Even as one dog — hers — holds back, Madeline yet sees the girl fall. "Oh no..!" She exclaims, just about dropping the freshly baked pecan pie. Instead she sets it down gingerly behind her bag where the dogs can't get at it, and her skirts flounce as she follows Will in a speedwalk to see to the girl who has fallen.

Eventually Madeline comes to Penny's side and kneels, looking first to the avidly licking commune dog and back 'round into the girl's doe eyes, "I'm so sorry, I hope Ched didn't whip up the frenzy." Says this soft-spoken Southern woman with a Cajun accent. "Are you okay, Miss? May I have a look at your ankle?" Maddie asks softly, she feels terrible! Cheddar sits on the spot, waits and watches.

Penelope sits up, with some difficulty, but pushes her hand back against the grass while applying ear scritches with the other hand to try to appease her herdsman. Her horns sit slightly askew, giving her a somewhat addled look mirrored by wide eyes. "Ooh. It… hurts," she determines, confining her remarks to just those words as she draws up her knee toward herself, eyes flinching at the subsequent shifting of her ankle, which, yes, is visibly swollen already. Will knows well how Penelope is with strangers, and so it might be a strangeness to his eyes, but there's something about the soft cadence of their guest's accent that draws Penelope in, makes her feel warm and safe, so, instead of clamming up entirely, she nods her head in a shy little wobble of assent and shifts her torso in a tacit invitation for her to kneel at her side.

The remarks from Penelope have Will giving a nod, The man noticing that the normally shy and reserved woman doesn't actually turn fully inward at the new face kneeling beside her. The invitation bringing him to give a little sigh of relief as he moves to kneel on the other side of Penelope reaching out to pull the little pup and bundle of energy away from giving his own medical help through licks and head bumps.

Will's eyes lower down to the injured ankle and his brow furrows, "You're not a calf so not sure how much help I can be Pen, But can at least carry you into the old barn and get you settled with some ice for that ankle and see if that helps.." The man offering up before he is lifting his gaze to her only to then bring a hand out to motion to Madeline, "This here is Maddie by the way Pen, she is gonna be joining us for a few days. Chance to recharge the batteries and get back to center.. She's a friend, and has some pecan pie that might help that ankle feel better too."

<FS3> Madeline rolls First Aid: Success. (4 1 5 7 2 2 2)

The Southern woman is no crackshot; she can't fire guns, she's no carpenter.. but she has empathy and intuition in spades. In this sprawled girl with horns on her head, Maddie sees the anxiety in her big dark eyes. Will's response to 'Pen' is also of note and Maddie understands that this girl is both a member of the commune and stuck in a tough spot. Maddie eases forth and looks Penny in the eye, "Hi Pen," She uses Will's name for her, "My name is Maddie. I'm here as a guest." Her full lips pull into a soft smile. "My dog Cheddar was part of that pack so I want to look at your ankle, ok? I promise I won't touch too much." Still with that fluting, lilting Cajun accent. Provided Penny doesn't make do-not-want motions Maddie will reach forth with slender, warm hands and take Penny's afflicted heel into her palms.

A moment, she looks up at Will. "It's wrenched… yes, please carry her in. We'll get her settled and an ice pack on that, pronto." Maddie smiles at Will, "Please."

If there's anything that gives Pen the ol' Do Not Want eyes, it's Will's proposal of trying to pick her up. Do Not Want eyes with a side of a deep flush in the cheeks and down along the throat, embarrassed utterly by the prospect of being carried around. But Maddie is proving herself a regular Penelope-Whisperer, of a type Will has seldom seen. The gentle voice and soft ministrations to her ankle make her grab at the grass only in proportion to the way her ankle smarts when moved, and, on top of that, her calm confidence in her diagnosis and the proper course of action has her feeling safe, and cared for. "I'm Penelope," she whispers back, giving her full name to add to the nickname Will's given her. Though he probably had a hand in naming her Penelope in the first place, too.

Maddie's gentle care enough to ease the pain in her ankle, if only psychosomatically, and even fade her blushing a little as she tries to offer herself in an accommodating position to lift. She's not exactly a sylph— willowy in general, sure, but she works with lumber and cards wool. And at five eight she's not towering over people but she's not a mini-mini, either. "I'm sorry I messed up your visit," she worries, as ever, about being an inconvenience.

Will looks between Penelope and Maddie as the latter tends to the formers ankle, when that diagnosis is given and there is that shift from do not want to acceptance from Penelope Will is quick to act. The man moving in closer bringing one arm to slip beneath her knees while his other hand moves to settle against her back between her shoulders. The man's eyes for a moment lowering to look into Penelope's own as he offers her a small reassuring smile, "You haven't ruined anything Penelope, these things sometimes happen yeah? Now..3..2..1" The man counting down before he is moving to lift the woman up as he raises from that crouched position beside her.

As Will lifts Penelope his eyes turn from her to Madeline as he says, "Isn't that right Maddie? Nothing's ruined. Not when there is pecan pie on the horizon." There is a small smile given before he adds, "Go ahead and gather your things and get the door while I carry Pen over and in."

Soft as soft can be. Maddie matches the soft timbre of Penny's voice with her own, "I know it's a right pain to be carried, when moments ago you were the wind. The sooner we get that ankle iced, the better… ok?" She asks gently, not even sounding patronizing or as if she is 'trying too hard'. Something in the very appearance of this girl just melts Maddie. She stands and eases back as Will lifts the girl and watches, making sure that ankle is hanging alright. "Of course… hold on, I'll get the door."

But before she moves, Maddie smiles radiantly to Penny, "I love that name, Penelope. Did you know that your name has meaning? My nana is a woman who swears on the meaning of names as one would a bible. Penelope means 'weaver'." Maddie adds, trying to keep the little hippy at-ease. Oh, if only she knew.

Maddie sprints forth, skirts flouncing… she lifts her bag, and still-warm pie, and makes to help Will get Penny indoors. She eyes Cheddar, "Be good, Chederick." Maddie whispers.

Cheddar grins derpily, tail beating against the dirt.

Penelope's abdominal muscles clench a little bit and her unswollen ankle draws her foot back to clutch Will's arm anxiously with her knee, but then she tries to still herself, not wanting to wiggle or make herself harder to carry. He's assuring her, but it's the sort of assurance people always say when you're being a bother but they don't want you to feel like it. But Maddie is still at hand, and Penelope's dark eyes move to find her. Her lips wibble into an actual smile when Maddie tells her what her name means. If she doesn't know yet, she'll know soon. "That's me. I'm a weaver. Will named me Penelope after the weaver in the myth." And the name stuck, looks like. Will, meanwhile, will be more impressed than Maddie that here's Penelope saying three sentences in a row to someone she's JUST met.

Grimdalen Commune - Old Barn, Granja Basin

Stepping into the old barn is perhaps a strange experience given the older style of the structure from the outside, despite that outward appearance inside things seem to have a more modern look. The wood paneled walls looking to have recently been replaced with darker cherry wood stained to give it an almost bluish black tint and appearance. The floors likewise hold that darker stained cherry wood through a quarter of that main area before transitioning to softer plush carpeting of dark blue.

The main area of the old barn seeming communal in nature given the wide open spaces left, The small kitchen within looking largely unused with its wood burning stove and the new model larger fridge and two chest style freezers, The kitchen looking more than anything a place for storage. Beyond that small kitchen turned storage space there is a larger main space serving as a living area of sorts, larger papazan style chairs and sofas positioned around the space angled towards the fireplace.

Not far from the fireplace stairs lead up to the loft, beneath the stairs a door can be found leading to the small attached greenhouse.

As Will lifts Penelope and begins to carry her off in the wake of Cheddar and Maddie the fact that Penelope is actually speaking full sentences and her eyes aren't lowered seems to surprise the young man. A warmth showing along his features as he sees how at ease the woman he carries seems to be with the new age hippie, "Well nothing wrong with Dove, but struck me as a Penelope Dove. Not just a Dove Dove.." The man pointing out as he carries her to that door and then through it.

Stepping into the old barn Will's head dips off in the direction of the kitchen, "Want you can put the pie down in there Maddie." The man carrying Penelope further into the old barn bringing her to be settled down into one of the large plush pillowed papazan chairs easing her down into it. "There we go Pen.." The man stepping back before he is moving off for the kitchen to see about a bit of ice for her ankle. The man saying loud enough to be heard by both women, "Penelope is a huge help around here, helping with the fences and tending to the alpacas to name just a couple things."

Blue eyes meet Penny's and Maddie smiles as Will eases the injured girl through the doorway leading into the barn. "I knew it, you had the look." She offers sweetly as she follows along, closing the doors behind her. Penny's lip wibble just about killed her and Maddie wants to make sure the girl is ok! She watches as Will lowers Penny into a papasan chair and Maddie nods to the stuff in her hands, "Let me put all of this down. We'll be right back Pen." Already taking on the nickname! Madeline is adaptable.

Once in the kitchen with Will, Maddie looks to him, "Am I doing alright? I don't want to unsettle her." Asked softly, a near-whisper. "Let me ice her ankle." She requests, and eventually with the pie resting on the table and if Will concedes, Maddie returns with the ice pack.

"So where did you find those amazing horns, Pen?" She asks as she settles closeby, wraps the ice pack in a tea towel. Eventually it will be pressed to the swelling ankle.

Penelope crunches forward when she's settled into the big round seat, letting her aggrieved ankle rest on the rim while the other leg folds up and disappears under her dress, which she fingers cautiously when Maddie speaks of her look. Maybe she did mean the dress, which she wove herself. She's happy to have a minute to herself to stare at the weird shape her ankle has gotten into and to just feel her pulse throbbing through it. Her eyes gently shimmer with tears, though not ones of pain— she's tearing up with a smile when Will praises her usefulness to the community. It's all she really wants, after all. When Maddie returns with the towel, she thwips away a tear with the back of a calloused thumb, and then reaches up to her adornment, drawing them back and off of her head. "Keith made them and fired them in the kiln. They have… see… these little holes you can put the strap through," she plays with them one-handed in the bundled dress collected on her lap, swallowing down a soft gasp at the cold on her ankle, then letting out that breath again when the cold begins to seep deeper.

When he heads into the kitchen and hears those words from Maddie after giving his praise to Penelope he smiles softly, His right hand reaching out to lightly brush her cheek as he nods telling her in that lower whisper of his. "Doing great better than most anyone I've ever seen." The man reassuring her before letting that hand lower as he moves to gather together the ice pack for her offering it wrapped in that towel out to Maddie before he gathers up her duffel.

Will follows Maddie out of the kitchen watching as she moves to help Penelope with her ankle as he lifts the bag telling the pair, "I'll be back in a minute, just putting this upstairs in the loft." The man making his way through the living area to the stairs near the fireplace that lead up to the loft above.

Penelope relaxes back in the papasan when Maddie leaves the ice well-positioned and goes to see to the pie; then Will is going upstairs and Penelope is by herself. This might bother some people, bu after an absolute superfluidity of socialization, Penelope is more than OK turning her horns over in her hand, slouching backward and letting her inner thoughts take over, her eyes glassing to the outside world— almost as though she had fallen asleep but had neglected t close them.

When Will returns a few minutes later he is lacking the duffel that now rests on the large bed within the loft and instead carries with him his handy dandy cigar box, the box Penelope would know well enough holding anything but cigars within instead acting as one of his personal little stash boxes. As he makes his way down the stairs he looks to Penelope offering her a soft smile, "Feel better with the ice to it?" The man finally stepping off those stairs he makes his way over closer to Penelope, his voice dropping to a whisper as he asks. "So what do you think of our guest for the weekend?"

Penelope wakes up from her dark-eyed reverie not when Will makes it down the stairs, but when he talks to her, her chin suddenly lifting and her eyes coming back to life. "Yes," she whispers on the back of a breath rushed with relief. "Actually I can hardly feel it at all." Because there's ice on it, don't you know. And then her smile blossoms, she tips her eyes downward to the horns half-hidden in the haphazard folds of the gown on her lap. "She's really nice," she admits. "Is she— ah—" Penelope loses nerve, somewhere midway through that sentence, to try to find out whether Maddie and Will are IN LOVE or something. Because then they can get married and Will can be dad and Maddie can be mom and damn, Penelope already had a random awful lot invested in this question she's never going to ask.

That first bit from her has Will giving a sigh of relief, the man moving to settle into a papasan beside her shifting it around to face her a bit more fully before laying that cigar box into his lap flipping the lid open. The words from Penelope on Maddie have a playful smile to curl his lips, "Yeah I think she's really nice too.." The man's head tilting moments later at her further words that begin only to fall away as that nerve is lost by the normally more demure woman, "Is she..?" his brow raising and that amusement clearly written along his features.

Oh, no, Will isn't going to trap her that way. Penelope just shakes her head with a little grin, stubbornly refusing to ask whether Maddie is Will's girlfriend, though the sheepish cant of her features may well ask it for her. Especially in playing off of that amusement on Will's face. Like, he already knew what she was going to ask him he can't trick her into having to say it out loud, especially with Maddie just in the next room.

When Penelope goes all tight lipped and just shakes her head Will chuckles low, "Alright keep your secrets Pen." The man's head shaking in clear amusement as he sets to getting a joint rolled taking a single paper and some preground pot. The man layering the pot into that paper before he begins to roll it up lifting it moments later to moisten the glue strip before giving it one last careful twist. With the joint rolled he waves it in triumph as his other hand flips the lid closed. "So think Keith can do a few more of those horn sets ahead of the fair?"

What timing! Maddie returns with two plates.. much of her time spent away from the duo was seeking out cutlery and plates and it seems she succeeded. Both plates bear a healthy-sized wedge of beautiful, lukewarm pecan pie from Babette's. She undulates into the room, gives both Will and Penny a soft look, "Is everything ok? Is there anything I can do?" Asked in her soft lilting way, swath of hair pushed over a bare, lithe shoulder. She notes the blunt, smiles gently. "Ahh…. painkiller." She chimes, stepping forth to hand a plate of pecan pie to Will, and finally to Penny.

Penelope is not much in the way of a stoner, herself, but, yes, she very much looks as though she would not mind a draw or two right now. She is bidden to keep her secrets, and keep them she will. Will. She will. She's good at that. "They looked pretty easy. Maybe I could help him," she volunteers in a low murmur, getting the conversation away from that edge of the table. Then Maddie is coming back with pie and she wobbles to sit up a little in the rounded bell of the chair. "The ice feels good," she tells Maddie. "Thank you." For icing her up. And for pie.

When Maddie returns with those two plates of pie Will grins, The man shifting to sit up a bit more in that larger papasan style chair beside Penelope's. The cigar box taken from his lap and set down onto the ground as he leans forward just long enough to tuck the box away. When she mentions painkiller he grins, "Alaskan thunderfuck, best pain reliever and stress reducer there is. Or at the very least one of my favorite ones." The man declaring as he gives another little wave of that joint before tucking it between his lips. The man moments later taking that plate from Maddie as he smiles, "Thanks Maddie, looks and smells great."

Moments later he looks to Penelope and chuckles, "Ice always feels good, and hope you know your staying up here tonight. Not having you down on the back half with a hurt ankle. Lord only knows what might happen if you twist it again or have one of those visitors from the woods."

Has Maddie ever toked? Hard to tell, hard to say; the fact that she's barely batting an eyelash says something. As she told Will upon their first meeting, her brother Jude — a tall, gangly man with those very same beautiful blue eyes — smokes up at the end of every shift. She does not opt for a papasan chair but instead, seats herself alongside Penny's seat. Maddie, herself does not opt for pie….. this is how she stays greyhound slim: she does not crave what she makes. She looks to Pen first, "Of course, honey." Not said in a patronizing way.. it's all South. It just flows, she sounds just like Babette. "Enjoy the sugar… it helps with the pain response." She did not hear their brief, earlier nuance in conversation re: Mommy and Daddy. c.c

"Keep it elevated." She advises Penny, before turning to look softly upon Will. "Have you any ibuprofen? We need an anti-inflammatory to keep things calm overnight."

Penelope gets the pie plate on her lap and picks out a pecan, scooping out some of the filling with it and a little bit of crumble from the crust, and she uses the but as a sort of pie delivery system, putting it in her mouth to crunch on, nodding her head in appreciation and letting the sweetness try and fail to rival the sweet way that Maddie speaks. But she's also getting news about her change of address for the night. "Here… here here?" she wonders at a whisper.

There is a small smile that draws along his lips when he looks upon the pie, the man not making any moves on it just yet instead taking a moment to fish out his lighter sparking that joint held between his lips. A slow draw is taken and then another making sure it was going properly and without any runs in it before its held out in offering towards the other papasan chair holding Penelope and Madeline. The man telling Maddie, "Yeah I have some in the bathroom medicine cabinet, You take it easy though. I got it since you got the pie for us." A quick wink given to the woman as he offers her a warmer smile. Moments later he is shifting that plate from his lap carefully setting it down in the chair after raising up. His gaze turning to Penelope when he hears her question, "Well you got your choice between a papasan or hammock here in the old barn, or a bed up in the lodge. But no camping for you tonight Dove." The man using that name she had come to the commune with showing that concern and seriousness of what he said.

The Cajun woman cranes her slender neck to observe Will opting to set his pie down and move to find a painkiller for Penny. She smiles at him; she will give her 'news' to him in a bit, as she is certain it will be very useful in this current happening with Penny. As for the smell of the sparked joints? The fine, skunky smell doesn't seem to bother Maddie… again: there's more than meets the eye, with her. "The pie was nothing.. it was merely a blink. Please let me know if there is anything I can do." She asks of Will, and then he's off. She watches him go for a half minute before turning those gentle eyes back to Penny.

"Here." She smiles at her, "That will be sore tonight and even I, as a guest, can't bear to think of you dealing with this on your own. This is such a comfortable place, isn't it?" Maddie asks sweetly, leaning against the papasan and smiling at the young loomstress. "I am a guest, both you and Will were here first. There is no reason for you to have to not spend your night here, comfortable and safe." Maddie implores. A pause, "Dove? Is that another nickname?"

Here, huh? Penelope supposes it will be OK, as long as she's not too in their way. "Papasan," she chooses the place she's already in, where she'll make an easy nest and be able to leave her ankle up on the rim. Hammocks— well, she may weave like a spider but she has never gotten the hang of living like one, hammocks tend somehow to leave her on the ground even when she has two good ankles to help. She takes another small bite of pie— and then another. It's really good. And she reaches out a hand to take the first round of pain medication from Will while he goes to get the second round, and she takes a small breath of it before offering it to Maddie in turn. Hippie hospitality. She nods in agreement with Maddies' assessment of the papasan ad well-equipped to comfort her, nods and nods and exhales. "I was called Dove when I got here." She prefers Penelope, now, is an implication sort of threaded into the border of her statement, but some people still call her it. Especially Will when he is Being Serious With Her. And, of course, the way she phrased it, a person could wonder what on earth Penelope's 'actual' name might be.

There is a small smile given to Maddie when she says the pie was nothing, "Hey, I couldn't make a pie. Couldn't see to an ankle that way either. So done far more than nothing and a bit more than something." A quick wink is given to her before that joint is handed off to Penelope. The man slipping away that short distance to the doorway leading into the bathroom, the light flipped on and the man able to be heard digging around inside of the medicine cabinet. The sound of pill bottles able to be heard moments before he reappears holding a bottle of ibuprofen and a bottle of aleve, "Got the profen and this aleve from when I was having to avoid acetametaphine." The man explaining as he shakes the two bottles like tiny anti inflammatory maracas.

His eyes settle upon Penelope and he gives her a warm smile hearing that tail end of her explaining the name, "Figured she was done flying and so thought Penelope here needed a name fitting for her new life and new home, Took right too it too." The man speaking with a warmth and fondness for the other commune member, "We're all family out here after all.. One of the best kinds too, the ones you choose. Right?"

Now, as it stands, Maddie doesn't know the complete status quo at this commune. But she s 100% willing to accept their ways and respect them. She listens carefully to Penny, "You are more of a Penelope than a Dove, in my opinion. Because you're home now, aren't you? I am most certain that you're home." She smiles at the girl, aware of Will rummaging around for pills to supplement the chillaxation of the weed. Then, in a form of camaraderie, when Penny offers the joint Maddie leans in, accepts it…. bless her heart, she awkwardly but effectively takes a drag. What!?

Wonders never cease. Thank Jude Guidry for this.

Maddie holds it in, exhales gently, hands the joint back. Even she knows this is Good Stuff.

Will returns and Maddie smiles serenely at him. "I am going to.. put my things away. Make sure your Penny is comfortable and happy." She bids the taller man, pushing to stand and smoothing her skirts. Her things are up in the loft and she is indeed anticipating staying for a few days.

.. she will make sure to inform Will, before it is time to turn in, that she managed to get tomorrow — Friday — off afterall.

Penelope doesn't know much the difference between the pills, but she'll take one or the other and wrap it in the haze of sugary pecans and thundery weed. She's very much a Penelope, as it turns out, and when Maddie says so in that voice of hers like love itself, she snuggles backwards into the papasan and, one foot stuck up into the air, there is sleep to be had even with most of the piece of pie still in her lap.

As he makes his way closer with those pill bottles and he catches sight of Maddie taking that hit before raising there is a blink and his grin grows a touch. The man bringing his left arm out to briefly curl around Maddie as he looks to her. "I'll be up in a few to make sure you got things situated, Right after I get things situated down here." The man telling her in a near whisper before leaning in to brush a kiss across her brow. Moments later that arm draws away and he grins looking to her.

Moments later he is offering Penelope out the aleve to be on the safe side. When she quickly settles back and drifts off he just chuckles moving to gather his plate up and the remaining joint.

The Southern woman watches Penny settle in right then and there, and though this girl is likely only a few years younger than her, Maddie feels almost maternal. She eases into Will's hold for a moment, pressing the side of her face into his chest. "I think she will be just fine." Said in a whisper as she presses a kiss to his ear lobe.

"I'll be waiting." Says Madeline Guidry in a soft voice, before turning on a heel. She gives one final look to Penny before taking up any extra dishes, making to bring them to the kitchen. Eventually she will retire to the loft; to the bed and the fresh, clean sheets that Will had spoken of. Suddenly this is where she is and it feels wonderful.

She looks over a shoulder, all fair skin and soft styled hair, "Don't be long." And with that, Maddie silently moves into the loft.

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