(2020-09-11) The Day After
Will and Madeline check on Penelope.

Grimdalen Commune - Wilderness, Granja Basin
Fri Sep 11, 2020

The land here is a combination of wooded and meadow areas with smaller valleys and hillsides and numerous springs and smaller creeks. More than one pond can be found in the wilderness stretches that comprise near half of the property.

Mule deer, bear, and turkey are seen regularly in and around the property and elk are often seen grazing in the meadows and around the ponds during early morning and early evening hours.? The terrain, water resources, forage, and protective bedding areas combine to create the ideal habitat for many native species. The last 60 years of sustainable living and efforts to help conserve the natural beauty of the land showing with the verdant flora and the abundance of fauna.


There are birds screaming in the canopy. Penelope supposes that one of them has caught sight of some unsettling shade, and they're spreading the call far and wide to dip into the crook of a branch or a hole in a tree for safety. She looks up from her work and listens to the spread of the ambient panic, open-lipped and wondering whether the woods were always so full of dramatics, or whether it only took living two years out in the middle of it to begin to notice. At any rate, her ankle is doing well, she's still got it wrapped up in a rough linen bandage for the sake of a little bit of support, and she has a bottle of ibuprofen of her own tucked inside her storage ottoman in her tent, now. But she's siting outside, using her tall wool basket as a stool and wearing a clever apron with a wide fold in which she can hold a batch of the stuff safely on top of her lap while she picks it up a small puff at a time and works it fine between the carding paddles, picking out burrs and other bits of ick and tossing them onto the forest floor, and meanwhile drawing the strands into a full cotton-candy-esque fluff.

A one Madeline Guidry will have been a stellar guest thus far (and most likely for what will be the entirety of her visit, to the commune. She was up with the dawn and as she promised Will, ready to work and help out. Being a guest doesn't necessarily mean, to Maddie, the right to be lazy and slack. The evenings are for that; the mornings are for productivity. All it took was a jump through a shower and she was ready for the day before even the tomcats were finished their business. What was on tap? Helping to harvest fruit; helping to pick the sweet corn. Washing, sorting.. anything and everything that was asked of her, she did without grief. On top of everything, Maddie remained pleasant and gentle-natured; asking lots of questions, showing interest.

Now it's time for a break, and the graceful woman is enjoying the chance to take a more leisurely stroll around the property. Cheddar trots faithfully at her side, but the pair of them slow in their gait as the cacophony of birds starts up. "What say you, fellow? Smell anything off?" Maddie asks the dog, but Cheddar is already distracted. Ignoring the birds, the happy yellow lab sees someone else of interest! Penny is about to get a couple of unexpected visitors!

Following along behind Maddie by only a few yards Will could be found wandering, A pack slung across his shoulder and the man giving the occasional quick raising and falling whistle that brings the small form of Odin quick to heel between the quicker movements as the German shepherd and Aussie shepherd mix tries to herd the man along. There is the occasional chuckle from Will as he looks down at the smaller pup only to once more lift his gaze to look upon Maddie ahead of him and of course Cheddar.

When he hears that sound he comes to a stop though and his eyes begin to search the nearby brush before lifting to look to the trees. The man telling the woman moments later as he moves to fall into step alongside of her, "We should swing in and check on Pen, her tent's near here."

Penelope continues to work her carding paddles against the grain of one another, tipping her shoulders forward and peeking up through the boughs, if at some angle she can see a sliver of blue and a flash of shadowy brown flick past the aperture. She supposes there must be a hawk, but she doesn't have time to spot the offending raptor before she's sitting back up and regarding the first of her visitors, the yellow lab whose attentions last time they met were of such a fright. This time she just sets her paddles on her lap and holds out a hand to Cheddar. "Sit," she asks of him, somewhat meekly, but with as much authority as she can muster, and with some idea he might even listen to her instead of jumping up to upset her wool-working. Then she's on the lookout past the dog, smiling and fluttering a wave when she spots Maddie and then Will.

He may be a dope sometimes, and in the early years of adulthood, but the dog has been trained. His brow furrows and ears twitch and right when Penny bids him to do so, Cheddar plops his arse down in the grass and goes on watching the loomstress, mouth open in a lolling grin. His tail baps softly against the earth. Good boy! Cheddar is such a good boy!

As the dog preceded them both, Maddie is still a few paces away but now she can see whose presence attracted Cheddar. She smiles up at Will, eyes soft as she nods. Her hair is still a damp mass atop her head by way of a ribbon and some ailing bobby pins… the bare, lithe stalk of her neck appears to have taken on some sun despite her application of sunscreen! Maddie the Redneck!

OF course… I think Cheddar beat us to it." Admitted fondly to the farmer as she points, spreading her palm out to wave to the younger woman. "Hello Penelope! How is the ankle?" Maddie asks, still feeling badly over what her dog helped orchestrate.

When he rounds that corner with Madeline he is giving a nod to her words on Cheddar beating them to it, The man giving a lower whistle to bring Odin close to heel the pup laying down near cheddar as if trying to be all big and growed up by mimicking the other dog. "Yeah I figure you are right there.." The words spoken as he glances to Madeline bringing his left hand up to settle against her back as he grins.

Moments later his gaze turns to Penelope and his right hand lifts giving her a wave, "Hey there Penelope, Not interrupting anything are we? and well how's the ankle?" His brow raising as that question falls from his lips, The man's gaze settling on the loomstress.

Cheddar IS a good boy, and good boys get to smell Penelope's hand hello and then, if amenable, get a woolworker's soft fingers wrapped around the base of one of his ears, pressing along the soft flesh behind the ear and then drawing up the floppy skin into a gentle rub-tug. Her eyes take to inspecting the contents of her lap-pocket when Maddie asks after her ankle. "It's a lot better," she answers, though. "Thank you." She dares a glance upward when Will echoes the question, but doesn't go as far as to make eye contact; she smiles, though, a little bubble of warmth glowing in her diaphragm to be visited by both of them together. "Just my carding," is all they're interrupting. "And I should go put it up again, but it's so nice out I wanted to sit outside and card."

Oh, Cheddar knows the drill.. if he listens and does not make someone's voice go loud, he's being a Good Good Boy. So indeed he is rewarded with Penny's fantastic touch and that tail could just hop off and run off on it's own, the momentum is so fierce. Such a happy, well-loved animal.. it shows. His lower jaw twitches and quivers soft 'whuufff' but Ched's reverie is due to be broken with the arrival of the pup!

The yellow lab is well-socialized to-boot, and Odin's presence sets Cheddar's tail to beating the ground even harder. It's clearly a gleeful response and the two-year-old lab shoves his muzzle forth to sniff and lick at the ruff of Odin's neck. That's doggo for 'o hai thar! we play!?' … dogs; too pure for this world.

Leaning into Will's palm at her back, Maddie meanwhile keeps those brilliant blues upon Penny as she answers the question(s), "I'm glad.. I was worried for you." Is admitted, but she silences to give the woolworker's duties another curious glance… this is a world beyond Maddie's skillset. "How brilliant.." Whispered kindly.

That answer and the further explanation of what she was doing from Penelope has Will giving a nod, The man's head dipping and raising again moments later with those words from Maddie as she mentions being glad and having been worried over the commune living and tent loving woman. "We both were Pen. Worried about you that is." The man motioning with his free hand to the pack across his back, "Got some bio-freeze in my pack for you incase it's still tense on you." The words spoken warmly as he tells her that before he is grinning, "Got skill with that art of yours Pen, I doubt with a year of practice could manage more than pissing myself off." The man telling her playfully.

With Maddie leaning into that touch against her back the man's arm slides further around her drawing her in against his side, The man glancing to her before looking off after the pup as he jumps at Cheddar to give an ear nip before racing off into the brush in a come get me fashion.

Penelope notices the way Will draws Maddie in to his side, ad she sort of hides her smile in a dip of her head over the wool while the dogs run off to go play. "I'll be alright," she assures Will, first, the ibuprofen and the wrap and just staying off of it collaborating in a nice threesome to send her on the path back to gamboling in the fields. And looking where she's going, this time. She drags the carding paddles bashfully along, her grin wibbling shyly when they praise her for her skill, the strands of wool reaching out for one another as the paddles part ways. "It's not so hard," she shies away from the praise. "Want to try?" she offers Maddie, briskly brushing free the carded wool and finding a nice clump of raw cutting for Maddie to card through, if she wants. She places the raw wool onto one of the paddles, sticking it in place among the hundreds of tiny needle-thin pegs and then holding both it and the other paddle out, hands glimmering with the natural grease from the wool she's done so far. No wonder her hands are so soft. And no wonder she wears an apron to card. "Just brush the wool between them," she instructs.

<FS3> Madeline rolls Mind: Failure. (6 5 3 2)

Will's remark re: how he would fare, trying to match Penny's prowess, earns a bright laugh from the Southern woman. "That and then some, if I were to take a lick and a promise with it… there would be anger, perhaps fire." Maddie's eyes soften with mirth, but she sobers as Penny… offers to let her try!? Her eyes round with wonder and Madeline, being as she is, she won't say no. Try everything once. She gives Will's forearm a soft touch and she steps forth, leaving the curve of his arm to take Penny up on her offer. "I would love to," She chimes, "I will need my hand held through it all.. I am as green as the hills." Admitted as she settles where Penny indicates and holds her hands out for the paddles.

Unlike Penny's super-soft hands, Maddie's are slightly calloused with her nails kept short.

Eyes are bright and attentive but Maddie is already a bit lost. "Okay… here we are," Said as she takes a paddle in each hand and tries to mimick… it doesn't quite quite so smooth. "Oh my word," That Cajun accent is lilting. "I'm sorry, I hope I don't ruin it—"

Cheddar is off like a shot, meanwhile.. he bullets after Odin, into the brush.

When Penelope makes that offer to Madeline it brings Will's smile to grow, the man glancing down when Maddie gives that little soft touch to his forearm. His head dipping to her briefly before he is crouching down watching as she moves to join Penelope. The man himself as the pair talk over the paddles and begin to give that attempt to use the paddles. The man himself dragging his pack in front of him opening it looking down into it as he fishes through things only to finally pull out the biofreeze. As its drawn from his pack he glances to Penelope giving the little tube a shake, "Just the same, might be helpful to have."

"You won't ruin it," Penelope sounds confident on that point, at least. "If pulling doesn't feel right, try pushing them past one another, instead. The wool is raw, so… it wants a little muscle, that's all. Just like bushing out knotted hair, except it's not going to hurt anyone's head," she prattles on, in a way Will is certainly unused to hearing her do. Maddie is magic, like that. And speaking of, she looks to the biofreeze and reaches out to take it. "How— do I just put it on?"

Brushing knotted hair… Madeline can be seen getting that lightbulb over her head. "Oh my word!" She exclaims with a bright laugh, "Now that makes sense…. it reminds me of those early school moments with Piper, having to get that hair of hers brushed out…. so like this…" Still with care, but now with a good metaphor to guide her through Madeline knows where to begin. But indeed, this is neither a scalp to savage painfully or a younger sister squalling at her to use more spray-on conditioner…. Maddie tilts her head toward Penny to hear out the loomstress's words and she nods gently. Maddie just intuitively knows that this is something that isn't heard from Penny, often. 'Prattling'…?

To Maddie, this is fine instruction. As Penny takes the biofreeze from Will's well-meaning hand, Maddie perks, "Ah yes, I did it! Well I'll be~" Spoken like a true Southern belle age 24-going-on-45. She repeats steps, eventually finds her groove. "Just look at this." She whispers.. as far as she is concerned, it's Penny who is magic! How can someone turn this into some of those beautiful finished products that a harmony of wool can provide.

Penelope takes the biofreeze in both her hands, holding it over her apron and just tilting her head to watch Maddie's hands as she pushes the carding paddles through the wool, beginning to get those strands to unravel and fraw flush with one another, which is, you know, useful if you want to make yarn or thread out of it. "That's very good," she encourages meekly. "Look out for any burrs or anything."

The words from Penelope ad the question has Will grinning as he tells her, "Just put a small bit in one hand and rub it into the skin. It will get really hot and then really cold. Sooths plenty of aches after being bent over in the green house or sitting on a damn tractor all day. So that's a plus right? Just.. don't rub your eyes after putting it on. Wash your hands off first." The man warning her with those last words before looking to Maddie, "Look at you, baker and potential future paddler." The words playful in tone as he looks from her work up to Maddie's face and eyes.

"Burrs…" Madeline echoes gently, and freezes. "Oh! Oh!" She holds out the paddles, points to a knot of fluff and some 'ick' that can deftly be removed. "Like this?" Asked openly, her expression and smile blossoming beneath Penny's mild instruction and encouragement. "I see what you mean… we cannot have this now, can we?" She asks, and with further instruction from the woolworker Maddie will carefully and reverently remove the offending 'burr'. She flushes, "This is… this can be quite relaxing. Thank you for your patience with me." The full wattage of that smile and those cornflower blues linger upon Penny for half a minute, before her gaze slides back to Will. She glows at the sight of him.

"Now that is optimism… baby steps." Said kindly to the blonde man with a wink, before Maddie applies herself to her new 'task' until either Penny requests the paddles back, or Cheddar does something foolish!

"I like it," Penelope confides in a whisper, hiding her eyes once more as she confesses the dread sin of enjoying what she does. "It's… it sort of empties your mind of all your worries and you just… brush the wool," she murmurs those last three words with a sleepy, glass-eyed sort of fanaticism, as though wool-working were a sort of cult and she had been thoroughly indoctrinated. "Maybe next time you come to visit," her gaze flickers between Maddie and Will and back, then back to the ground, quickly gauging the likelihood of such a return occurrence, "I can show you how to spin it, too." Will's words of warning about the cream get a noddle of her head, a faint pallor ghosting into her cheek. It sounds dangerous. What if she doesn't wash her hands well enough? Will she hurt her eyes? The likelihood of her actually using the stuff just plummeted faintly.

There is a small smile given when he hears the words accompanied by the wink from Maddie, "Got faith in you Maddie, Been absolute aces with everything I seen you do so far." A wink given in return before that focus turns to Penelope. The man smiling softly hearing Pen make that offer to Maddie only to wince slightly seeing that shift of her features as he gives that warning, The man saying nothing though instead changing the topic. "You eaten yet today Penelope?"

Penelope head-bobbles an affirmative, then, to match her talkative mood, she even supplies details: "Ida brought me out breakfast from the house so I wouldn't have to walk back. Wasn't that awful nice?" she sketches the words with a voice better used to silence. "I have some eggs in my tent I'll hard boil in a little bit," she goes on, so as to forestall any worry about her having lunch or anyone needing to bring her anything else.

Will's head dips and raises hearing those words from her before he is reaching into the bag pulling out a small cloth wrapped bundle of bread and a plastic wrapped bit of sliced cheddar cheese. The man offering both out to her, "Well here to go with your hard boiled eggs, Wasn't much sure what to get for you so got this from the kitchen in the lodge and well got some fresh picked apples too."

"Oh—" Penelope begins, "Thank you, this will be perfect." A little bread, a little cheese. It's definitely more her dietary speed than a french dip and fries, and she collects the food into her apron with the wool. It's all wrapped, at least. "Are you guys going to pick apples?" she supposes, from the last he said. "That will be fun."

"Figured you might like it." The man handing the two wrapped bundles of bread and cheese over before reaching back into his pack as his head shakes. "Already went this morning, picked a few bushels for selling in town and for use around here." The man drawing free five apples in all balancing them between his hands as they are offered out to her, a few red delicious and then a trio of honey-crisps.

Penelope gets apples, too, and gathers them one by one into her apron, which is beginning to bulge like the cheeks of a chipmunk with the influx of groceries for her to keep in her tent. "Wow, thank you," she pitches the words with a soft-eyed flutter. "These will be perfect, and I know some squirrel friends in the area who will want the cores," she adds in a secretive whisper.

"Well do hope you and those squirrel friends enjoy them. I can bring you down some sweet corn from the lodge tomorrow if you want, And bring the four wheeler down so you can use it for getting back towards the main area. Don't be needing you hurting that ankle more by having to walk that distance if you need something." The man pointing out to her, Moments later he is tugging free from the pack something for himself in the form of a joint. The joint tucked between his lips as he sits back on his heels.

Penelope doesn't have a driver's license, but she has more than enough confidence behind the wheel, and as long as they're on the commune property it's not going to draw any attention from the authorities, so she noddles in agreement, 'cause— well, honestly? A trek all the way back to the house seems a little bit daunting. "Thank you," her voice lowers a little bit in a moment of earnestness that stands in for admitting that the walk would be a little much, just yet.

"Of course Penelope, Can't have you stuck out here and without a easy way to get back quick if you need, or a means that is easier on your ankle as it gets its rest and heals up. You're family." The man saying warmly to the woman as he draws free his lighter. His head dipping briefly as one hand lifts to cup over the joint and the other brings that lighter up to spark it. A deep draw and then another is given before those hands lower and the lighter is tucked back away.

Goodness, Madeline is quiet when she focuses. Her head is dipped forth, a wavy hank of hair framing the right side of her face from cheek to chin. Suddenly she perks, looks dazed, but then looks back down at the paddles with a look of mirth. "Off I went with the faeries." Another Babette'ism. Gingerly she offers the paddles back to Penny, finally. "Forgive me. I was getting into it. I would love to try more of your craft at another time, when your ankle is in better standing." Said with another gentle smile.

Provided the paddles return to their owner, Maddie will take a careful step forth so she is not close to Penny's belongings when she does the following: a whistle.

Like magic Cheddar bounds out of the bushes and curves his body into hers, not one nor two… but three branches crammed into his mouth.

Penelope is family, isn't she? Her dark eyes ride up into view, even if she doesn't make eye contact, she at least shows more than her eyelashes, and her eyes are warmed in that spirit of comradery that permeates their community. She reaches out her arms to retrieve her paddles and finger the carded wool, by now bright and fluffy and free of imperfections. "It's beautiful," she whispers to Maddie. Maybe she just means the wool— maybe not. And then Cheddar is bounding up, looking to build a fire pit, to all appearances. She almost laughs.

When he sees that near look from Penelope it brings Will to smile softly, The man looking between Penelope and Maddie watching their interaction as the pair speak and the paddles exchange hands once more. "We were thinking of maybe camping out another night by the lake, You don't mind do you? Figure we can make sure Cheddar stays close so he doesn't come up and bother you.." The man telling Penelope with that welcoming and friendly tone of his.

Moments later when Maddie steps away and whistles only to bring Cheddar free of the brush with three sticks Will unlike Penelope does full out laugh, a lower rolling sounds of clear amusement as his head shakes before he blinks, "Shit, where's Odin.." A higher pitched whistle given after drawing the joint free from his lips.

The Southern woman glows, at Penny's compliment. "That means a lot to hear.. thank you so very kindly." Maddie smiles.. she is naturally a huggy sort but she understands Penny is still figuring her out. Baby steps. She pours every single bit of that burgeoning affection into her words and tone, instead. It's not her intention to scare Penny or make her uncomfortable. Blue eyes watch Penny's fingers inspecting her Greenie Carding Lesson, and Maddie's chest puffs up with pride as she feels Cheddar puffing like an engine against her bare calves.

Maddie silences at Will's words to the loomstress and she nods her head gently, "I am told that the really authentic experience here is to sleep under the stars. I have not done such a thing since I was a gawky little girl in the South." Maddie says sweetly, "I will keep Ched in-hand, don't you worry. We cannot ruin your magic." Said to Penny as she smiles over to Will.

When Will whistles for Odin, Cheddar takes this as an invite and ambles over to Will, the sticks shaking. He peers up as if to say, 'Look at my haul.. just you LOOK! LOOK AT IT—' … tail wagging. Madeline squints, "Did you steal the puppy's sticks, you silly thing?"

"Cheddar can come bother me, if he wants. He's a good boy and knows how to sit," Penelope smiles. Plus, you know, maybe they will want their privacy down by the lake. NOT THAT THAT IS ANY OF PENELOPE'S BUSINESS but she will totally dog sit for the purpose of letting them, um. Bond. Considerations like this are turning her ears a little bit red, but she's standing up, slowly, turning and lifting her basket. "I'm going to take my stuff in and put away the food. Thank you for bringing it," she effuses a little, her own self, but she's also not going to hug anybody. And she reaches out to open her tent flap and duck inside.

There is a small smile as Will hears the words from Maddie, A nod is given as he looks to her. "Figure between you, me and the pup.." And then there is that offer of sorts from Penelope and he grins looking her way. "Alright Penelope, but you just let us know if he comes up and bothers you too much." The man watching after her as she moves to slip into her tent with her things giving a little wave to the departing woman before he is looking to Cheddar.

Moments later there comes Odin dragging a stick about 3 sizes too big for his smaller form showing why he had taken so long to accompany the larger Cheddar back. The sight brings Will to smirk as his head gives a little shake, the man making his way closer to Maddie offering up his hand to her, "Shall we?"

It's Madeline's turn to burst out into laughter, when Odin shows up wanting to be a Big Pupper. Cheddar watches and one can just see the WANT in his dark eyes. He opens his mouth to bark, startles as the branches fall, dips down to try collecting them again. It's harder this time around because the configuration is wrong. If a dog could curse, Ched would. Madeline sees this too and just doubles over, sighing as she wipes her brow. She takes this moment to wave to Penelope departing back and she gives the tent a soft look. "She is so much in her element.. like a forest spirit." Maddie says gently, seeing Will's hand and reaches for it. Her warm palm folds into his and she gives him the sweetest look.

"We shall, monsieur." She says in that whispered way, "Tonight, you were thinking? I am all for spontaniety… however heavenly that bed of yours happens to be." There's meaning in those words.

The man smiles softly hearing those words from her as she takes his hand, Will beginning to guide her away from the tent using a smaller game trail rather than the main path and trails leading away from the other woman's campsite. "Tonight I was thinking we camp out in the trees over the lake, Already got the tent set up. Part of what I was doing when I ducked off earlier from the orchard. Came down to get it situated and set up and things tucked away inside it for our night.." The man grinning as he tells her of what he had done and his idea for their evening ahead. "I figure the boys will like the chance to explore and visit Penelope.. Don't you?"

His hand feels so nice in hers.. what does this mean? Naturally Madeline has been wondering, given how their night was spent. Oh, what a night. What a sleep. What a morning. Then Will took pains to prepare a campsite for the two of them… is he just trying to see to it that her stay is amazing? Something more? Both? Madeline doesn't want to be That Girl who pushes things too fast, but it had to mean something!

Yes, his hand feels great.

"Keep this up and I will never leave. Are you sure you want that?" Maybe she's fishing a bit, but she's looking for a segue into her next question. Madeline smiles up into his eyes as Cheddar runs on ahead of them, trips over his paw due to being off-balance with a MOUTHFUL of STICKS. Clatter-clatter.. they all roll off again. The dog scrambles after them.

"Penny has the patience of a saint, if she wants to put up with that." She giggles at the derpy dog.

When she asks that question as he guides her down along that weaving path through the trees with their changing leaves the blonde man smirks giving her a sidelong glance, "Well either that or making damn well sure you don't forget us and are itching to return." The words spoken playfully by the man only to have whatever may have been about to follow them as his lips re moistened and part once more to be lost as Cheddar takes his tumble and Odin forgets his own stick in favor of chasing off after one of the newly freed and more manageable ones. The sight brings a low chuckle to leave Will as his head gives a little shake, "I figure they will enjoy it much as she does.." The man moments later leaning in to whisper in her ear, "So it working Maddie?"

Okay.. now is as good a time as any. She could either go forth toward what she is certain will be an amazing night by the lake and remain oblivious, or know where they go from 'here'. As the dogs frolic, Madeline takes a breath and smiles to herself.. maybe a bit nervously. "Will," She starts, but he's there whispering and her body has a whole new response to him after yesterday; it's an instantaneous, electric shiver top-to-bottom. His very proximity brings forth that blossoming.

"Let's stop here a moment.. I have a question for you." She gives the farmer's hand a squeeze and a little tug to get him to stay put, to face her. She's still holding that hand so it can't be bad, can it?

"It's working…. so incredibly well. S-so, ah," Her accent intensifies when she's anxious. "Forgive me if I am forthright, or blunt… or moving too quick… but I really, truly… very much like you." She blushes; that sounds so adolescent. Madeline looks up from beneath her lashes, "… it is a like that could very swiftly become love, if I cultivate it. If I may." Goodness, so elaborate. So… old-timey. It suits her.

"My name is Madeline Corliss Guidry, and I would very… very much like it if I could call you mine. To… court and be courted by you… and…" Her palm can be felt getting sweaty with her nerves. It's hard work, asking someone to be your boyfriend.

When she asks to stop there for a moment and that she has a question Will is quick to oblige, The man stopping in those movements and moving to turn and face her fully as she gives that little tug. When she begins to answer his question and then offers those anxious words it brings his features to shift into a true warmth and a happiness as he hears the more she has to say. When she makes that admission and blushes mentioning that it could very well swiftly become love if cultivated his own cheeks darken a touch. A slight flush taking to them as he nods.

When she asks that formal question in the end the man smiles softly as he steps in closer to the woman. His form moving in to ease in against her own as his free hand lifts to cup her cheek, His eyes looking down deeply into her own as he whispers out in that lower tone of his. "Maddie, I know what you mean.. and I figure its if we both cultivate it. And not gonna lie, I want to see where this might lead. Wasn't lying when I said you were a breath of fresh air, or how beautiful you are."

A brief pause is given by the man before he continues, "I would like that, and to be able to court you.. more fully. But before we go down that road and begin to explore that, only right you know things can sometimes be a bit complicated with me. Grew up on the commune and it's the life I've always known, But I want to share what that life is like with you a bit more. Show you how amazing this place is and can be.. If you'll let me and can give me and what comes with me a chance."

What will happen if he says it's just 'for fun'? She is not painting Will in a superfluous light, no no; things did move a bit fast. The animal attraction has happened, it's there and it will be there… but what about the things between? To flesh it all out? Maddie wants that most in the world… with the damned mindblowing sex. She blushes at the memory!

But then Will… smiles, and agrees, and her heart unleashes an utterly brilliant anthem in her head, she can almost hear it inside of her body. Did Maddie's eyes just brighten? Is that possible? Yes it is.

Those eyes are rivetted to Will's as he says precisely what she wants to hear.

"O-oh…" She exhales, and the tension goes with it…

Her arms snake around his waist and she holds him tight, "I want to know everything about you…. you.. and all that is part of you. This is you, too. It's your family, whether with us in the flesh or in the ether, looking on. Of course I want to know… all of it." The soft-spoken woman says without hesitation. "Going forth, I can't wait to know… because I already feel that when Monday is upon me, leaving here is going to be the hardest thing." Madeline leans up, presses a kiss to the corner of his mouth.

"We'll take our time… and enjoy every bit of it." A beat, "Though…. there are other things that we needn't go slow with…" obviously she means what they had last night. Madeline blushes.

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