(2020-09-25) Train Ride to Midway
Charity event with some stuff thrown in there.

'Bandits and Sawyer Morgan played by: Morgan

The train to the Midway. This is a historic train and they are serving dinners and such to townsfolks celebrating the Rails in River, Rodeo and Rails. It heads out from the Station in downtown Calaveras, takes a small loop out near Cooperstown living history town and old mines, and then drops off near Jackfield Stadium for the Rodeo part of the historical festival. Cars are set up dinning style, with booths at either end of the cars, a bar in the middle with a few lounge chairs between bar and dining tables. The bar tender has an old timer shirt with shirt garters to keep sleeves up and black bowtie. The tender loves the gig so much he keeps a permanent long mustache to wax and curl just for this event.

The train ride is enjoyable, there is talk among the car of the charitable giving part where folks donate to help preserve the history and such. Completely a joint charitable operation to help lower the cost of taking this train and serving the food, but in the name of getting bigger donations to help support historical preservation in town. Mostly a thing fronted by the Blackwoods and those in their circle. Dinner has been served, leaving everyone in various states of eating and starting to turn to drinking and socializing in this particular dining car. Nearer the front. Such that this car is the first to bump the one in front of it as the brakes start to sound. A hushed whisper amid conversations, what's this, some curiosity as to why is the car stopping.

A charity event means Scout is wearing a dress, right? Not a chance. Though at least she has tight pants rather than jeans. And a silkier shirt than the usual flannel. Cowboy boots are present but they're more for show than working in. Which is maybe why she needs to wriggle her feet in them every now and then. Doing her best to small talk (terrible) she is rather annoyed when the train lurches to a halt and she spills beer over the floor. That was tasty beer.

"Fu…" Scout starts to say before she remembers where she is, "Fudgicle." Good save. Putting down her beer bottle, she makes her way to a window to see if she can discern the reason for the sudden stop.

<FS3> Scout rolls Alertness: Good Success. (4 8 5 1 8 4 8)

There's a Braxton area where Annaliesa has seated herself. It's near some windows and has a good view of the inside and outside of the car she's in and she's got a flute of champagne in her hand. The sudden slowing then stopping of the car doesn't seem to bring her any alarm. This wasn't her first time on the train this time of year and she hears the sudden.. almost.. expletive. Twin brows arch she regards the Walker a moment before once more seeking out her brothers.

Alyster had gotten the tickets. Then he had gone to Artemis' shop. Then he had produced said tickets with a bouquet of flowers and asked her out on their proper first date. Luckily, she had said yes! Given the fact they had already confirmed their mutual interest he shouldn't have been surprised, but this is Alyster. For all of his intelligence. He was oblivious sometimes too. Sitting in their cart, finishing up some of different foods, he sets his fork down before looking over to Artemis. Smiling then, "Having fun?"

The train in the station was fine. Even when the trip had started he had been fine. As the braked are applied and the gravity is being shifted, the youngest Braxton furrows a brow and looks around. "What was that?" Like anybody else would know. Hey they might! For now he tries not to worry too much. Also it's important to note. He made sure not to sit on the side with windows facing directly out. His focus goes back to Artemis then.

Artemis had of course said yes, kissing him quickly despite being in the shop she works in. The flowers had been put in water right away, in a vase she'd made herself. Then she'd started about worrying about what to wear. Her hair had been styled into soft curls, to fall over a simple black dress with bell sleeves, with silvery tights and black ankle boots. She wasn't sure what to expect, really.

She looks at him, smiling as she drinks some water. "Of course I am. Aren't you?" Her head turns, at the brakes and the bump. Her hand slides out to hold and squeeze Alyster's. "I wonder." She will get to her feet, to try and look out of a window, to see what's exactly going on.

The brakes continue and the train slows more. The one side of the train faces the San Juan Mountains, it is descending out of that section on its loop to skirt past Cooperstown living history attraction then head for Jackfield Stadium. Thus, dinner time, that side is dark. The other side shows the city lights, down below. As coming down is on the side of the mountain. The breaks squeal at first, creating that spark of metal that some folks pick up to collect where metal skids on metal. But the noise slows, the train slows. Its an old steam for historic preservation, the engine lets out a big sigh of steaming puff as the train stops. Then, it sounds like the doors are opening in the connection spaces, upgraded to modern to prevent falling between cars like in the olden days.

<FS3> Artemis rolls Alertness: Failure. (1 2 3)

Scout peers out the window and her brow furrows at what she sees. "Hmm…I think this must be part of some show. Horsemen beside the tracks. Mountain side. Like a hold-up." She looks back at the others with a laugh. "Pretty cool, huh?" No doubt the Braxtons will be excited beyond speech. She even addresses Annaliesa specifically when she adds, "Better hold onto your pearls, we're about to be robbed." She seems quite excited for this little playacting.

<FS3> Annaliesa rolls Composure: Great Success. (7 4 8 7 8 5)

The Braxton Princess turns from looking for her brothers and out the window in time to catch what Scout Walker says. A hand lifts to the strand of pearls around her neck.. the strand that is dotted intermittently with diamonds between the pearls, and smiles. "They are insured." A ghost of a smile, perhaps in her own way she was teasing back. "Oh dear," she says dramatically. "What ever will we do?" Hey, no one said she was good at pretending to be an actress. Her composure though, solid as a rock.

Alyster just grins as Artemis says she's having a good time. Before watching her stand up to go to the window. His preference to stay seated is overridden by his desire to make sure Artemis is ok and as the brakes again squeal he stands up and follows her towards the window. "What's going on out there?" Then, he makes the mistake of looking out the window. He doesn't see the horsemen. He just sees the mountainside. Between that and the sudden arrival of his sister, who knows which one is causing AJ to pale now. How had he not thought about this? Train ride…through mountains. Of course. That meant heights! Sitting back down quickly he reaches for his glass of water.

She smiles. "I don't know, exactly." Art's painfully honest, even as Alyster sits quickly, her hand moving to brush along his cheek. "You all right?" She queries softly, not wanting to let anyone overhear, so Alyster wouldn't be embarrassed.

A good call by the Walker. Its not a moment later a few bandana faced bandits show up at either end. Most holding pistols, relics or faux souvenir sorts, one in the front with a red bandana and a nice big tan hat draws out his longest old timer cowboy draw. "Aight folks, this here is a stick up. You done enjoyed the graces of the dining, now its time to pony up. All to preserve our history." That's about the only plug they give for the charitable drive that is being robbed for charity. Meta on the idea of being robbed, but for a good cause somehow. "Don't dally now, ain't got all night til the rangers realize the train is stalled. Get out your goods and put them in the sacks." A couple guys have sacks to fill in, they'll make rounds. One near Scout calls through the mask, "How's the Walkers holding up?" Someone who knows she's a Walker, maybe an old ranch worker, or someone associated out that way, but bandana stays up to play the part. Just seeing how good things are. One catches onto the Braxton thing, "That necklace would make a mighty fine donation ma'am." A couple more are nearing Alyster and Artemis.

"I do declare" Scout gasps in 'horror'. She can't really pull it off though. That kind of reaction is more of a Braxton thing, so she'll leave it to Annaliesa to play the damsel. Scout's a Walker, can't really do anything but tough. "We're doing okay" she replies to the polite robber while getting out her wallet. "Not as well as we'd like to. The farming business ain't what it used to be. Not the same as when you guys were robbing trains back in the day." She takes out all the cash she has to drop into a sack. "Sorry, not the jewelry type."

Not a chance they are getting her pearl and diamond necklace, but Annaliesa smiles sweetly, even if there's a hint of being over sweet. "My brother is holding the money tonight," a shift of her eyes to Alyster. Of course she has caught sight of him, she always knew where he was. Mostly. Even as she says it though, she reaches into a small clutch and draws out several bills, all sporting Ben Franklin and makes sure they are flashed before deposited daintily into one of the sacks. "We sure do appreciate you doing this drive for charity to help those less fortunate." Again her eyes skitter towards her brother but glance right past him to his companion before turning back to look at Scout. "That's incredibly generous of you, Miss Walker. Especially with times being what they are for the ranching community and so many of them going under."

The touch to his cheek does distract Alyster from his worry a moment, his eyes going to Artemis before he smiles and nods. "Just staying away from the windows. I'll be ok. Thank you." If there is an embarrassment that he's feeling, it doesn't convey in his tone. Then, the 'hold up' and there is a grin as he goes along with the act too. Yes, even when Annaliesa volunteers his own wallet to the cause. Not like he wasn't going to contribute anyways. Standing up he offers her a smile, not wanting to be rude.

However, he also notices her gaze go to Artemis for that small moment. What would be worse? Falling down the mountain…or trying to break up a fight between his sister and Artemis? Hey that's one way to get over your phobias! Not really, because as Alyster brings his wallet out he keeps his eyes more focused on the bandit just to make sure he doesn't look out the window again. "Here you are, Sir. We don't want any trouble. Just take this money and be on your way!" A chuckle then as he takes a few bills from his wallet. Placing them into the bag then.

Artemis looks at the oncoming 'bandits', with a sharpness to her expression. If they're looking at her for a purse or jewels, they've got the wrong girl. She's wearing a small, single amethyst crystal on a silver chain, and a pair of small silver hoops, and that value is more sentimental than monetary. She does, however, hide behind Alyster a moment. There's a garter under that dress, that holds more than her leg. There's only a few twenties, but she hadn't expected there would be a 'holdup' or any reason to carry more money. She'll offer it over, though.

"Tough times, Walkers always pull through," says the polite robber to Scout, maybe a smaller ranch owner that supports the leading indie farm. He'll swing an arm to lightly fist bump Scout's shoulder. They may not be on personal terms, but the support is out there, ranchers and farmers gotta stick together. Even while being robbed. "The boys will enjoy cash as much as jewelry, easier to spend." He keeps up the robbery bit too.

"Thank you ma'am," says the Robber to Annaliesa, "Them pearls shore would have been nice, but the money helps fund our outfit." Or charity, they meant charity.

The one with the red bandana, the leader on this car, takes the money from Alyster. "Smart thinking mister, no trouble at all so long as you're putting into the pot. Them jewels would sure have been nice," looking at Artemis, but not demanding, its charity, no one has to give. They still play the part, "But the money does just fine mister."

He moves to the next table, one Frederick Wallace (gossip or similar stat to realize if anyone likes to know more). Sawyer Morgan has come in a little ot this car watching the ongoing, arms folded on chest as he watches Frederick make the donation. Pointedly, eyeing Frederick as he filches into his pocket. A dollar comes out and is dropped in the sack. Sawyer makes his presence known lightly as he humphs something like a chortle.

"Generosity is its own reward, Miss Braxton" Scout smile to Annaliesa - she can do the too sweet smiling as well. "And history is worth keeping around. Forget the past and you're doomed to repeat it." An upnod to the fistbumping robber. "Take care of yourself. We'll get through it. We'll all get through it."

That Annaliesa didn't offer up the necklace doesn't surprise Scout, though it is a bit disappointing. "It's a rental?" she asks the composed blonde before nodding in understanding. That would be the only sensible reason for refusing. Right?

"Of course not," Annaliesa lifts a hand to splay across the expensive necklace before offering a smile. "It was a gift," she allows finally. "Probably rude to donate a gift received." Etiquette and all. She catches sight of the senior Morgan, Sawyer of Morgan's Creek, and watches him drop a dollar in the sack. "Like Miss Walker said, Mr. Morgan, Generosity is its own reward." Stealing the line and turning it over to Sawyer.

There is a confusion when Artemis hides behind him, but Alyster doesn't ask and when she hands over the money he looks to her with a smile. "Want to order a drink or anything?" When he looks across the cart again his gaze manages to find the window. A quick drop of his expression before he just heads back to his seat, "I'm going to order a drink. Some more cake too." Because that would distract from the outside view! Or at least he'd have cake. Letting Annaliesa and Scout banter for a moment, hoping maybe it would keep her attention off of them.

Artemis will look up at Alyster, smiling as she shakes her head. "I've got water still, but thank you." Her hand will find his for a just a moment. There's a glance at Annaliesa, before she looks back. "I'll just wait here at our seats."

Sawyer unfolds arms, and walks through some folks to get near the red bandana bandit and close to Frederick Wallace. He holds up an old key, a relic, ford is written on it https://thumbs.worthpoint.com/zoom/images2/1/0214/17/vintage-ford-key-ford-fordson-tractor_1_0c8b7537695145453ab0d09c8fb93497.jpg.
"I got his share," says Sawyer, of the dollar put in by Frederick, not too loud, but its not quiet either. "'40 Ford Ferguson, near mint, a little restore aught to fetch six grand." He drops the key into the sack. He digs out his own wallet and drops a check in, already ready but he probably knew about this being associated with the Rodeo side of things in 3R. It has three zeros and a figure in front if anyone notices, the check goes in too. "Morgan's contribute their share Ms. Braxton," as if annoyed to be addressed himself but cordial enough to reply, he'd even looked her way before turning back to Frederick.

Then quietly says to Frederick, leaning over the man's table, ignoring any other present company that shared it with him. "A week." He breathes out as if annoyed, looking to the window past the table first. "You got a week to get the other heirlooms off the land." His gaze shifts to Frederick directly, "Then we scrap your grandads collection." Old tractors, its a thing in these parts, and old fords seem to be a hot commodity.

"I can't afford to haul 'em off," says Frederick, to which Sawyer only curtly responds, "Ain't my problem." Then he stands up, looking away from Frederick and out the window, meaning to turn and head back to the car he came from. A dusting of his shirt tails, making sure he's in order before walking away.

"A gift, Ms Braxton? You must know some mighty fancy folks" Scout replies to Annaliesa. Or she charges ridiculous amounts per hour…but not all Braxtons are bad. Alyster seems to be a nice guy. And so does…umm…Alyster seems to be a nice guy.

Scout watches the interplay between Morgan and Frederick with curious concern. What's going on there? It's never nice to see someone being threatened like that. Or in any way. She might have to have a chat with

"Yes," A thin smile given Scouts way, even if she cannot read the woman's mind, she gets the general gist of the would-be insult. "My parents apparently love me and got me a lovely gift for my high school graduation." Some years ago, of course. Then she turns some to watch Sawyer dealing with Frederick. Watching the Morgan go, she rises, dismissing herself from the others, to follow the departing heir of Morgan's Creek to the car he was on prior. "Mr. Morgan," she can be heard saying as her voice fades with the distance. "A word, please." … and then she, too, is gone.

If there is a waiter to take the drink order he will give one. However, if not he will just make do without the drink for now. Whether due to not wanting to leave Artemis and his sister alone (bad first date etiquette) or because he didn't feel like wandering the mountainside traveling moving train. The exchange between the others is noted, but he also doesn't want to discuss possible details with Frederick in front of others. He could try to find the man later. It did seem serious though.

When Annaliesa leaves, he makes a face briefly at her flaunting regarding the necklace. Then, when she's gone he looks to Artemis. Offering a small smile, "Would you believe they gave me the same necklace? Just felt it clashed with this outfit." A joke from the lawyer! Before he looks towards the door, as if expecting her to hear and return and then he chuckles and looks back to Artemis. Taking her hand to hold it gently, "I'm really glad you're here, Artemis."

She does wonder why he doesn't go get his drink. She would behave! Then she's laughing, leaning into him just a bit. "Oh, but I'm sure it goes lovely with your eyes, Alyster." She'll smirk. "I'm glad you asked me to be here." Her hand will squeeze his. "I don't even mind your sister being snooty."

With a hand to rub his chin a little, Morgan nods, "Sure thing Ms. Braxton." As if annoyed but willing to listen, sure its about other business on some other front. He'll walk with her.

That does leave Frederick, who's pale as a ghost. Not quite. Blood has drained from his face in the predicament. What all he knew about removing his old stuff on the land or not, its changed with the week turn around. He's looking more quietly at the floor. The robbers are finishing up. "You'll have a good day, remember us if you come back down the line." Thanks for letting us rob you. More, thanks for the donations. The old timey bar tender with the twirly mustache says, "This rounds on the house." As the men return to horses and, eventually, the train starts to move. Frederick doesn't seem to notice.

Scout watches Annaliesa dash off after Morgan and rolls her eyes. "That woman crawls so much, she has a flatter belly than a rattler. And much the same set of manners" she mutters, perhaps not as under her breath as she thought. Retrieving new beers from the bar, she wanders over to Frederick and sits down across from him. The generosity spirit must still be in her as she hands over one of the beers - they're both not for her for once. "You okay, Freddy? Want to tell me what's going on?"

When Morgan clears the room, Frederick takes in a deep breath. He does look up to Scout and takes the beer. "Been through a bit, bad summer with floods out on my land. Bank foreclosed, Morgan's Creek picked up the land. I thought I had more time to clear out." He sort of sighs a little, "I can't lose those tractors, bad enough I lost the land, but I can't move them to the rental I found for now." He leans on the dinning car table, both hands grab the beer that was offered now, his thumb nail peeling off the table. He lays it out in a moment of trust for Scout there.

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