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Example Log Format (wiki-advanced)

[[include LogInfoBox
|title=The Meeting
|summary=Bob and Sheila meet with Mr. Johnson
|related=[[[log:Another Dinner]]]
[[include LogPlayerTop]]
[[include LogIcon name=bob]]
[[include LogIcon name=sheila]]
[[include LogPlayerBottom]]

It was the best of shrimp, it was the worst of shrimp…

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Current Logs

Our Logs

(2020-09-28) Something Completely Different

Something old is new again, in the Old Spanish Fort.

(2020-09-25) Train Ride to Midway

Charity event with some stuff thrown in there.

(2020-09-24) Foggy Bellows

Daisy and Creed attend to a cow in need

(2020-09-18) All You've Done For This Place

Austin Braxton takes interest in the Guidry bakery

(2020-09-16) The Roadhouse Ride

Mechanical Bull Riding Contest! Who wins? Who knows?

(2020-09-11) The Day After

Will and Madeline check on Penelope.

(2020-09-11) Pizza For Two

Creed and Daisy have a much needed talk.. after he runs into the Baxters and some others at the Pizzaria. (A kiss at the end. Ew Mushy! :P)

(2020-09-11) Mutually Agreeable

Alyster meets with Daisy and Creed on business.

(2020-09-11) Give As Good As You Get

A Lovely Night at the Pizzaria. Right?

(2020-09-10) Weekend at Grimdalen

Madeline visits the commune for the weekend and meets another one of the inhabitants.
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