Lilith Gray
Age: 23
Occupation: Officially: Stripper
Unofficially: Artist
Status: Working the Pole
Played-By: Unknown
Misc: She goes by Cashmere or Cash at Paradise Found

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Lilith Gray was born to one of the many of this large family. Her mother was a single mom who only worked just enough to pay the bills and support her various habits. She and her siblings would be often left to fend for themselves in the house. To try and imagine a better life, she would paint on her walls, months and months it went unnoticed. Then her mother finally saw and instead of praising how amazing the work was for her age, scolded her that she was an idiot for even attempting to do something useless. It was then she hid the art she did, painting and clay, she would hide them at friend’s houses or in lockers at school. Then at 16 she pushed to become emancipated and succeeded, at first just working as many jobs as she could and just barely sleeping to make sure she could support herself and still get her diploma. It paid off after a year and once she turned 18, she quit all of her other jobs and started working at the local-ish strip club, Paradise Found

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